We all have a story to tell

Stories. we all have unique experiences that have shaped us.

We all want to share our own story, and have people connect with and understand us. Although the most important thing is probably listening to someone’s story to really connect, i looked around my office and saw that even in my own space where it’s just me most of the time (aside from meetings and photoshoots) items that tell my story. 

if anyone who didn’t know me took a few minutes in my office and studio, they’d know a lot about me just with what i keep on my desk and small items around the room. And isn’t that true? We may only have a few items if it’s a smaller space but those items usually tell a lot about us. I think there’s something to say about that. We long to feel connected, have people know even the tiniest bits of our story and always reminded and comforted of those things that mean a lot to us.

Many of you who read this may know my story, but i want to share things aside from the obvious Mac computer and Nikon camera equipment that i keep close to me while i work each day. Items i think speak of who i am.  

fearfully and wonderfully made

1- My new mouse pad. It says “you are fearfully and wonderfully made.” It helps my mornings seem a little brighter, giving me an extra dose of confidence and setting my mind right even before I open my computer.

things I keep on my desk

2- Scentsy camera warmer. As a photographer, you might imagine friends get me camera gifts (totally true, and i’m not complaining!) this throwback camera and scentsy warmer was too perfect. I have candles all around my house and this one just adds a bit of joy to my day. 

beautiful calendar from target

3-Pink and gold calendar from target. Yes, i do use my ICal on my phone and computer but having something like this makes it so much easier to see the year while talking to a client. I am an avid notetaker, journal fanatic, and list maker. Plus it was in the dollar section of Target, so how could I not?

4-Wax sealer. I’m all about details, and i can’t say i’m into all things vintage like i know many of you are, i’m more of a modern vintage look which is exactly what this is. A detail i add to client print orders. oh and pink wax.. of course!

5-Books, devotionals, and my journal. I didn’t think of myself as a reader until a few years ago. Not sure if i just finally saw the value in it, or the value it brought to me, but i have since bought some wonderful books and gave myself a goal to read so many per year. Almost daily when I sit down at my desk, I start with a devotional, journaling and then a chapter or two from my latest self help/business/motivation book. This habit alone is the number one reason I have blog posts at all that come from the heart. It gives me time to think and get all of those messy thoughts on paper and turn them into something more.

6-Small gifts from loved ones. This would be harder to spot, but I have a few random gifts from people and get to see those every morning.. reminding me of them. Gifts that fit perfect in my office, because they know all my stories.

7- Photographs. This is an obvious one, but the room is filled with my own work and my family. It’s also literally always filled with my two puppies, since they follow me everywhere. I put another puppy bed in here and yup.. they’re sleeping on it as i write. (Conner is actually snoring) 

wax sealer for photography

I could go on with dozens of things that I have added because it brings me joy and tells my story. I’d like to hear about a few things you keep at your office/desk/work space. I said at the beginning it’s more important to learn other peoples’ stories, so i want to know what you keep close to you (either your space at home or at work) 

I hope you all have a wonderful week and think about your story. Happy Tuesday!












Keep Shining

Shanna Star