Womens Figure Competitor- Fitness model portraits, Molly

I love photographing these strong women. Goal oriented, hard workers, and positive mentality. I love when they’re able to take a small break from it just to see their hard work in print. To capture forever what they’ve worked hard for, for months, and years. Molly has competed a few times, always in women’s figure and her last show was in Vegas for the NPC USA. 

We started out at White Sands National Park, and then to my studio to show off those gorgeous muscles! Molly brought all the outfits you see, except for the blue one.. i happen to purchase it for a shoot in mind but never got around to using it yet.. and it fit her perfectly! (it’s from Amazon if you all are curious) So here’s just a few favorites from our shoot. and she KILLED it! 

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You can follow Molly on instagram: molly_maya and don't forget to comment and leave her some love! she worked so hard and looks FABULOUS! 

-Keep Shining

Shanna Star