Physical and Spiritual- Total Heart Health

We are Physical AND Spiritual Beings.

I write a lot about taking care of our mind and heart along with our bodies we were given. I recently started reading a new book called Total Heart Health for Women. (Ed and Jo Beth Young, Michael Duncan, M.D., Richard Leachman, M.D.) Although i’m aware of most of the information, i thought it would be a quick and good read about how taking care of our bodies is just as important as taking care of our mind and maybe explain in a new way to pass on the information. (keep in mind, although it was a good book, i don't agree with everything so take it with a grain of salt)

You should understand we as women (and you men too) can’t do it all. Although the world shows us perfection I can’t be everything and neither can you. and that’s perfectly fine. So when i write about how exercise is important for health or reading and mediation is for your spiritual health i don’t mean hours and hours per day. 

Why is maintaining healthy physical health as important as spiritual? When one area of your life is neglected or stressed, the person as a whole suffers. We are both spiritual and physical beings, whatever happens to one part affects the other. These two things are tightly interlocked, and although i may not have believed it before my own journey, i can tell you from experience how true that statement is. 

restore your soul and balance your life

I’m not saying you need to only eat healthy, exercise for 2 hours a day and then read for 1 one a day. I know you have jobs, kids, church, activities, life. But changing daily habits, changes your life, mind, and soul. I still have days where i don’t go to the gym, i don’t read sometimes the best thing for your body after work is relaxing. Always listen to your body when it needs peace and rest. But for most of our days, the best thing we can do for it is meditate and workout. It refreshes and replenishes us.

In the last 3 years since i really dug into working out, eating healthier, and meditating.. i have learned more about my body and how to really tell what it needs than ever before. I’m aware of how each food affects it, how i feel, and even down to the day of when i’ll be more prone to be down and grumpy and to recognize when that’s happening. This changed my routine completely. Knowing if i take time to meditate and refresh my mind and soul, i can start work with a happier outlook and be more productive. Exercise and diet doesn’t just change your appearance. It helps you connect all the dots. Learn your soul and what it desires and why we feel the way we do. It helps me fuel up, clear my mind, and set straight what is important. 

I was just reading about service in this book and came across something interesting most people need to think on. It’s about Jesus. How he served. He gave so much expanding his energy, but He was able to because He knew how to.. replenish it. Which is JUST as important so you can continue giving. Start the day with a full tank and meditate so you can move toward a balance of personal nurturing and helping others. I thought about women who give and give and say how good it is and especially after starting a family how they’re last and kids and spouse is first. And i admit i’m not a mom (well i’m a puppy mom! ha) i know that in order to continue having something to give to your family, you need to replenish that for yourselves. maybe not with a newborn when i know it’s much more than i realize. but women.. mamas.. you’re important. so you can CONTINUE serving your family. Take time for you when you can. MAKE time for you. meditate. walk. read. Having a positive mind can only help your family. 

love your body and teach your mind to respect it

We are both physical and spiritual beings. So we need to replenish both of those things. we don’t need to read 100 books a year or look like a fitness model but we should set time to read and exercise. although not all of you who read this believe in the bible i’m going to reference it once in a while since it is what i believe. and the bible DOES in fact talk about physical body too. “Realize your body is a sacred place… can’t live however you please and squander it.” I’m not saying don’t have a cupcake or pizza. But be mindful of the energy you put in your body. It’s a sacred thing, and we should take care of it the best we should… and then once in a while enjoy some dominos. Remember change is a process. so don't be quick to put yourself down when you have those days.

How can we change daily habits for a more balanced life? with small steps. my first year reading, i wanted to get to 8 books in a year. I didn't make it that first time but it's alright! i know waking up is tough, but if you want to change your life, you need to change your habits. wake up 10 minutes earlier to read a devotional, mediate, and reach one chapter from another book. Or take a few minutes with your breakfast or coffee to read. Exercise can be easily tossed aside since we all say we "don't have time" when in reality, we don't make time and it's not a priority. But go for a walk in the morning or evenings, anything to start your body. You don't need to be at the gym 2 hours a night, but we should respect our bodies to keep them moving and healthy. start with 3x a week doing some sort of movement. biking, walking, jogging, lifting, yoga. just get out there and your body will feel so much better, less stressed, and somehow though it sounds crazy.. more energized. Eating healthier will also give you SO much more energy but it takes years to learn your body. Start small. cook a few healthy meals a week. Or go out to eat less. Get a few more healthy snacks, and have them ready for when you need something. Why do all of this? Because it's TOTAL heart health. the physical and spiritual side of having a healthy heart, mind, soul. 

So how can you better replenish your body and soul? I’d love to hear your stories and opinions on taking time for you, what you do to fuel up, and even if you need some suggestions on books and how to start. Leave a comment below or comment on the FB post. 




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Keep Shining

Shanna Star