Men's Fashion Northrup King Building, Minneapolis- Buc

While i was in Minnesota i had the opportunity to work with Buc Page. We met up at the Northrup King Building In Minneapolis. Built in 1917, It's now a creative center for over 190 artists, and holds onto the history of building. i love it. I first visited here when i was in college, my professor loved taking us here for photography and i haven't forgotten about it ever since! 

I was connected with Buc through our married close friends and i’m so glad we did! I’ve given little blurbs about his journey but it’s truly incredible. 

He has lost 188 lbs over 4 years and currently weights about 188. He basically lost a whole buc page! ;) But in all seriousness, he’s learned so much about his body, what workouts and food gives him the best results, and continues to go after each goal he has set for himself. He came to the photoshoot with a ton of knowledge and model experience and poses. It’s always interesting meeting someone for the first time at the shoot but i don’t think either of us stopped talking. This shoot didn’t go without it’s adventures either. He got approached by another photographer, and even had some 12 year old fan girls saying how awesome he was. 

Here's a few of my favorites and yes ... i had to include some smiling ones! 

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Buc- in our short time hanging out and shooting i am so impressed by your drive and hard work in every aspect of your life. Can’t wait for our next shoot and to meet your puppy! 

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Keep Shining

-Shanna Star