A Very Puppy Plaid Christmas

One of my favorite things about this time of year is.. you guessed it, photographs! We celebrate Murphy and Conner's birthday on December 15th which means they get their photographs taken! I absolutely love it because they act like children. Last year they did SO good I swear they smiled the entire time. This year, they acted scared and goofy. By the way, as I type this, they're lying on their little bed behind me, Conner is snoring like an old man.

After finding these outfits, how could I NOT get them. Puppy plaid overalls? I mean. It was a must. So happy birthday and Merry Christmas to two wonderful little buddies of mine! Murphy will be 6 and Conner will be 7!

There's one photograph where Murphy looks.. well.. dorky and confused. Can you spot it? ;) I had to keep it, it made me laugh ridiculously. So here's a few favorites!

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They still did SO good, but most people assume they're always perfect for the camera. I promise they aren't.They have good and bad days, but here's a few tricks. 1- have someone help you. I've done it alone but it takes twice as long. 2- put them IN something. They stay still and get closer. Otherwise they're awkward and far apart. 3- After 5-10 minutes. You're done any expressions you've gotten, you'll continue to get. So if they're grumpy sometimes I'll try a different day or just laugh because how in the world do they sometimes look grumpy! Hilarious. 

Happy puppy plaid birthday! 

Keep Shining

Shanna Star