Dream Giver

i'm almost done reading The Dream Giver i admit, i actually stopped reading it for a bit. it wasn't in my normal interest and i felt it was rather repetitive; and then i got to the second part of the book. i had to start taking notes from almost every page.

I remember pushing some of my friends into knowing what they want to do with their life, what their dream is and basically saying.. then do it. I have been blessed with big dreams, and then with the help of God, going after them and i'm working my butt off. I'm still working towards my dreams, it's a long process but so worth it! this post is to encourage you to do yours, there is a way even if it takes time, since the days will pass anyway, you should definitely start working on those dreams.

i have a confession. Pursuing your dream can be scary. It's still scary for me as i learn to get out of my comfort zone, but i know this is what i'm supposed to be doing. Lately i've been doing in person marketing. i have been doing research on what shops have my ideal clients, who would be looking for someone like me, and when i find those places, i go to them. This has been one of the most scary parts for me, but i'm learning and growing and going after what i love. It's hard going after and working so hard on a passion, but i know the life i want and i'm willing to go after it; through the ups and downs. 

"Most people are created with a big dream, but don't pursue it."

The book gives 5 common reasons

-Don't have a dream

-have to invent a dream

-have one but it's not important

-It's up to God to MAKE it happen

-it's too late. 

"Your dream is unique and important." sometimes you just have to discover what it is, or be reminded. so here are ways to observe your dreams (according to the dream giver).

-what have you always been good at?

-what needs do you care about most?

-who do you admire most?

-what makes you feel fulfilled?

-what do you love most?

-what do you feel called to do?

-what do you want to be remembered for?

3 insights to dreams according to the book

-Big dreams always seem overwhelming at first

-big dreams are aimed at meeting a need 

-while still breathing, it's never too late! 

Then i sat down with my paper and pen again and decided to write my overall dreams, what i feel called to do, i'm a HUGE dreamer, but slowly discovering, i'm a doer as well so here we go.

i want to photograph women. i want to make them feel beautiful like they are both inside and out, encourage their beauty and worth. Help them know they are enough and they can accomplish what God's dream is for them. 

secondly, i want to help women workout, to get stronger more confident. i want to build friendships with my calling and let them know they're loved. i want to be an encourager they need in their life. 

i was asked recently what i want to be remembered for, and it's this. i want to be someone thinks of that helped encourage them in time of need and made them feel loved. that's it. But with photography and working out, i believe that's the way that i can speak to these women and build those friendships. i boiled my dream down as much as possible for this post to really see why helping others discover their dreams made me want to write to 20 or more people about the dreams i know they have, and want i want them to pursue. I saw while writing down my dreams... that it was part of mine, to help yours. 

i read these self help and business books to not just help my business become stronger but to help all of you who support me. i am here for you! If you have been interested in a book i've read or even want to chat you don't need to book a session to start those important conversations. you can contact me below to begin an email session! 

all quotes and lists are directly from The Dream Giver. You can purchase the book by clicking the image below