Boudoir!- quickly becoming my absolute favorite to shoot! And from my personal experience, i truly believe every woman should do this. As it was coming closer to the date chosen, i definitely didn't feel i was at the weight i wanted, or even as in shape. But then again, i don't think anyone every "feels" ready. The day came and let me tell you.. it was such a great experience! and it made me want to do it again!- even on my fat days. If you have a photographer that knows how to show off the best features and pose you in a way to make you feel your most comfortable and sexy, you don't have to wait to be at your ideal weight. You are sexy the way you are!
Even photographing myself (which was not idyllic for these types of images) i was happy with the outcome! As i was getting my hair and makeup done by Makeup in the 702; Sona Cox and Karen Stauffer i already was feeling sexy. I think getting dolled up and pampered  is a HUGE part of feeling your best. i was getting ready for some hot images! 

i wanted to share my experience with you to show you.. if i can do it (and photograph myself!) you can too, and you'll get even better images when the photographer can move around and not be a still tripod ;) I also wanted to get boudoir photos done so i knew about the experience and could be honest with how it made me feel. HOT.
these are some of the best gifts you can give your special someone or just for you! Your images don't have to be too extreme, you can stick to conservative to as sexy as you'd like! I made sure to take some that i would be able to print out for our home. It turns out.. the one of me in the jersey and sweater are two of my faves! it's already given me more confidence and make me feel beautiful.  
For all of you ladies who are thinking about a boudoir session and want to see a little more of the session i did to get a feel for it, email me and i'll send you the password to a gallery of mine! I would ask you don't pass these along or even show husbands/boyfriends/friends.  
*i have the right to know who is asking to see each gallery, and if i'm not sure by names or emails, i will be asking for more information before giving out the password. 

EXTRA- i read a fabulous blog about boudoir photos if you're having reservations about why women do them or if it's something you should do, i'll be sharing this article this week under my five things blog. 
all beautiful you are, my darling, there is no flaw in you. song of songs 4:7