five things.

Hope you're all having a fabulous week! brandon is finally home from training so we've been spending lots of time together and we even had a mini day trip to Brian head, Utah with friends of ours tubing and snowmobiling! The boys are making a nice little video i'll eventually post, and i'll share a few photos too! First though, i mentioned in my boudoir experience that i found a fabulous article talking about boudoir so click on the photo below to go and read what she has to say! 
I also came across some protein bars for women. I'm one of those people that get stuck on something.. buy way too many and then hate them after a while, especially protein bars. But i found some that for now, i absolutely love! Luna S'mores is my favorite.. for now!
i haven't shared any songs with you lately! i don't even remembered how i stumbled upon these guys, but anyone that shares uplifting music that makes me WANT to workout and run.. can't be bad. so here's Reverie by Scott and brendo. Yes i realize the video is an actual video. sorry. 
i came across an hilarious blog the other day that i am completely sucked into.. and it's for those of you with kiddos! The Scary Mommy. She explains it's a blog with sarcasm, sense of humor, and panties that don't get into a wad easily. i loved it. it actually gives a lot of info, a place for women to speak their mind and everything marriage, pregnancy, and kids! click on the photo below to check out her blog. 
yeah!- so we had a wonderful mini vacation last week. We went up to Utah and met up with two good friends of ours and their kiddos. We started by going tubing for a while but it got pretty boring quickly. the only way we kept up the fun was when i was told by someone working there that people sometimes go down in bikinis and speedos. i don't know why i informed my husband about this.. as soon as i told him the next run was him in his boxers. my fault. i thought it was pretty funny actually! even though we weren't looking to dish out a bunch of money Tonya made the decision we should go snowmobiling.. i'm so glad she did! it was amazing and the first time her and Brandon have EVER gone! i won't mention who crashed twice and no longer was able to have the kids on his snowmobile.... no it wasn't brandon. It was so beautiful to see all the mountains! so the fifth thing i like.. spending some extra time with friends and maybe spending a little bit more for a fabulous adventure
It's going to be a busy, but great week here with more boudoir shoots set up! Comment below on what you think of the articles and blogs i shared!