O'Bryan Family photos! sneak peek

I think i might mention this a lot, but i am so blessed that my job let's me be around my family! We get to hang out before, after and i get to catch up with my beautiful sister Tara her husband Steve and their three amazing boys. This summer i got to see them more actually just because of me traveling up there, which i'm so thankful for. i might have gotten in lots of kisses :) 
Tara knew i was coming in town and our dad has picked up love for camping, so she decided it would be great to be around dad, and it even would make traveling for me easier.. MAN it was awesome! 
We decided to walk down by this beautiful trail, enjoy nature and stop along the way for some photos. i have to say... it was perfect.. NICE thinking tara! Last summer her idea was to meet at the zoo. she is always coming up with great ideas for the kids to stay involved in the photos. great mama! 

I definitely don't see you enough, but i love that my work can bring us closer, even for a couple hours here and there! Love you all and i can't wait to see you again!