baby boy destined for lacrosse

 My first shoot back in Minnesota, i had the opportunity to spend a little time with great friends from college. if you know anything about photos during this time in our lives.. they were in them. mostly the not cute ones, after volleyball games. ha

They had this precious baby boy four well almost five months ago! It was my first time meeting the sweet Parker boy. he was wide awake for the most part, but i captured a yawn.. look for it ;) 

it's always beautiful to me, when you get to see a couple engaged, then attend their wedding, and then have babies too! i love being a part of that journey. and i love. yes love this couple. 

although seeing friends become parents, still crazy to me. 

this is your typical Maria is the nurturing mother with a gentle spirit and a big heart. Andy is.. your typical throw him in the air, probably teaching lacrosse (they have a stick already for him) dad. love to see them all interact. 

thanks for meeting up with me, you picked a beautiful place for photos! miss you!