gotta get fit.

If you follow me on twitter, you might have seen that i declared before all that i promised myself and my husband that when i quit, i will go on a schedule around his, and also.. that i'm going to be more healthy, making working out a bigger part of my day. 
Tomorrow is my last day with the chapel, and although i wasn't feeling motivated, and technically i haven't quit yet.. i decided to start again today. Being around some people at work who eat healthy was the motivation. i'm going to need your help to keep me accountable. For a while i'll be on a workout/eating only healthy kick. It'll last weeks, even a couple months, but i don't see much improvement like i used to, so i quickly get discouraged. SO what's different about this time is 1- i get to make my own schedule. this means i'm putting my workout INTO my day. (when i worked at the mayo clinic i was working out up to 5 times a week) 2- i'll be more in control of the food around me. 
like today.. not perfect, but i'm just starting! blue goodness.. apple, and a grilled cheese. YUM
i started with a light lift. thinking this is all i would do today, besides eating healthy. Then i got the idea that i need a bike, my friend tonya has one i've used before, and she lives 1 1/2 miles away. i ran (well mostly slow jogged) to her house, got the bike down with a ladder.. this is where i felt like a thief, and rode a longer way home, so a little over 1 1/2 miles back. yup i'm done working out today. :) 
anyway i did have a point! i found i have more motivation when i have a goal in mind. today i had to get to tonya's.. i couldn't stop and just cut through some yards back. so i reached my goal easily today, and i'm thinking this might be the best way to get my cardio in! maybe biking to wal mart.. or get this ridiculous idea.. bike back to tonya's on thursday, and run back home, so each time it's the same distance, and goal, but i'm doing both to not get too tired at first. hmm. i'll see. but i do know i didn't stop! 
My friend Laura who writes a great fitness/health/life blog is someone i look up to for this.. so this is to you.. and everyone else too!.. how do you keep motivated? and mix things up? do you have to set goals? i'm thinking of running the 5k color run next year. anyway.. 
after running, i cooled down with a delicious protein shake, ones brandon orders of course, from the same place we get our XS energy.. check those out again HERE
and my vitamins! 
So here are my goals! share yours too if you'd like!
weight: lose about 12 lbs. 
feel fit, good about my body, and fit my clothes better. 
it's not even out of reach! just need that motivation. Sharing this so you all know what i plan on accomplishing! so share your goals, special snacks, or health tips!