five things.


Ever since i saw that Mates of State were doing another video, i've been anxiously awaiting! here it is! one of my favorite songs from their newest album, song "Unless I'm Led." was reading a little about it, it's all one take, no edits. that's right, they're just that awesome. 

Found a new fun creative website of party ideas! It isn't necessarily just for weddings, but lots of the details could be used for weddings too! click on the cute image below to go to Kara's Party Ideas.  

 as some of you might know, my last day of working for the chapel is this wednesday. More than anything it's going to be a good new adventure for me. It's been on my heart for a bit that i need to put Brandon first, before my job. we have a good marriage, but we have so many things we aren't able to do because of work schedules. It's both exciting and scary! I'm going full on my own, and will be traveling to Minnesota quite a bit this summer. (so if you want some photos, let me know! i have a few spots left) I am going to miss my coworkers. i've learned so much from the chapel. Starting there i thought i was good, and really wasn't much more i could learn.. i was WAY off. i still have tons of learn, but with the help of all the photographers, i know my camera. aside from all the basics, i feel like i've gotten some great advice too. and adopted some poses, compositions, and styles from most everyone. so here's a shout out to my chapel peeps! 


What leaving made me realize though is another thing i've been putting aside is friends. By the time the weekend is here (sunday.) i'm exhausted. I got home last night at 1:30, on my day off i'm resting, cleaning, cooking, and i never feel i have time for friends. BUT the other day, Brandon invited a few people over, and it was amazing. It made me feel like i'm doing what i should be. i thrive being around other people, energize, and feel loved. Tonya and Angel came over too. we might have had pool competitions, and then a bonfire. which leads me to one of my favorite things this week. Friends. it's one of my goals after leaving to put friends on my priority list. 

so keep me accountable my las vegas friends. Come over swim, BBQ, make go out for a hike, and then end off with a perfect night like this. friends hanging out and yes.. makes 'smores. 

 If you're getting married soon, one of the smaller detail is finding a song for you and your fiance to have your first dance to. I actually struggled with this myself. Finally, Brandon suggested a song that meant a lot to the both of us. "The adventure" by Angels and Airwaves. it's still one of my favorite songs of all time, and i always thought i'd love to have that at my wedding.. so when he suggested it... it was just one more confirmation of how awesome he was. (i already knew.. but still!) i told you i'd show a few photos of our wedding, this is just us first slow dancing to our first song, and then busting a move. 

so my advice.. choose a song that has meaning. it doesn't have to necessarily be a slow song. It might describe your relationship even! Obviously for us talking about adventures was perfect. your big day is going to fly by, and one of the best memories you can have is "i had such a fun time!" 

 one more! you might also be thinking of flowers for your mom for your big day, and i saw this cute idea. maybe get some flowers to attach to her clutch! a great idea so you don't have to worry about where to pin, or if it'll fly off during all that dancing! 

maybe something a little cuter for her wrist too? 

or maybe even one that matches her outfit, and looks a little more like a bracelet, and something she can keep! just a few ideas to think about when getting those extra details! 

if you skipped over the video, you probably should watch it. why not? great music, beautiful Kori. thoughts on a first dance song or even flowers for your mom!?