wedding budget

Now that i'm on the other side of the wedding budget, having seen how much things actually costs for weddings, cutting corners and what things you really just need to be ready to whip the cash out on, i've been searching for wedding budgets. When i was planning, i skipped passed the ones that would only do a percentage of the cost, i wanted one that would tell me approximately how much things SHOULD be, so i knew if i was doing good or not. i found one recently in a Bridal magazine here in Las Vegas. Although some prices i still think are off, especially if you're a DIY bride, it's nice to see what kind of money each category costs.

What's great about this budget is you could cut some categories out if others are important to you! For me, photos are one of the most important, so if you spend more in that area, i could be okay spending less in other areas, transportation, accessories, those kinds of things. The first column adds up to about 14,000. For my wedding, Brandon and i spent about 15,000. over our budget, but we were really happy with everything we had!

Another great thing is you can see not just one section of how much each cost, but depending on your budget, and what type of wedding you're looking for! I immediately cut this out of the magazine and typed it up just for you!

So how are you doing? Have you found a great resource for wedding budgets? There's an app i also found if you just type in "wedding budgets" that seem pretty good, and it's free!

Maybe not as fun as other posts, but neccessary!