Five Things.

Are you looking for absolutely stunning actions!? I found Florabella actions quite a while ago, but finally just last week bought my first set! I started with Florabella Retouch and plan on getting classic workflow next. These actions are a little spendy but after researching these and hundreds of others, it's completely worth it! definitely some of the best actions i've seen. click on the image below to go to the main website, check out all the before and after, it's too gorgeous! 

Took of my my images to show one of my subtle before and after...

there is a clean color that comes with the retouch collection and then you can brush some softer skin. gorgeous, easy! The clean color took out the grays, popped her eyes, and i think it turned out great! 

next is a super cute party shop i found through Pinterest, if you're not following me, you should! click on the Pinterest icon to the right! (probably should follow me on facebook too) check out Shop Sweet Lulu by clicking on the image below. 

They have those cute striped straws i featured, cupcake holders, candy and sweets packaging, jars, tissue pom poms, and tons of other cute supplies! Whether it's for your big day, or a smaller party, definitely check out this site! super cute.

I've seen these glow jars all over lately, and wanted to share two different ways to make these. I still can't decide how i feel about them, but they could make for a good little low light at an outdoor wedding. 

The first way is to buy glow sticks, carefully break them into the jar. While this might seem like the best way, i read that this also could be a less safe way, and only lasts a few hours. The second is to buy glow in the dark paint, of course the same mason jars, throw paint in, and wow done! i think i'm going to try this to see how it works.. i'll let you know! 

I completely forgot about these sparklers until now! If you want something fun for when you leave the reception hall, and it's going to be dark, these could be perfect for you. I think sparklers are such a fun photo while you run under them, and why not add hearts since it's your wedding? i added the link, so click on the image to see the prices and order directly. It said 5.50 for a set of 6. i might like these since it adds another fun photo. but that's okay. :) 

is your groom like the many men who aren't excited about dressing up for the big day? maybe try incorporating items that'll make him a little happier when putting on that suit! 


non traditional shoes

personalize them too! 


These you can get personalized to your date, name, OR you could think about purchasing something he likes, star wars, video games, if you can think of it, i'm sure it exists! (plus this adds another cool photo!) 

These are just a few ideas, there are LOTS of ways to add just a little bit of non traditional, even in a traditional suit. It might make your groom a bit more excited to get ready! and if they have suspenders, i find the guys think they're pretty cool. and they are. 

Did you incorporate something new and fun to your man's suit!? What do you think of the sparklers? And if you have any suggestions for awesome actions i'd love to hear about them. 

have a fantastic day!