Stone arch bridge Christmas photos- sarah and tyler

i don't know where to start! there are so many things i want to say about Tyler and Sarah. it was such an incredible morning, even though it was pretty chilly. As soon as i jumped in the car on the way to the Stone arch Bridge we didn't stop talking. Sarah and i were close when we were younger, so there so many things to catch up on! It was only the second time i met tyler, so i was able to see really how these two interact, how they love on one another and have fun tougher. And it was perfect. 
They told me they haven't had photos really taken since their wedding, over 4 years ago! Tyler did an absolutely amazing job at making Sarah laugh, even without instructed, in other words… a perfect model. So here's a few sneak peek photos of our time together capturing photos for Christmas! 

Sarah and Tyler are adopting two kids from Ethiopia, and they're ready for their little ones to come! They started the adoption process thinking it would take about 2 years and hoping to have then in their arms by this Spring! Wanting to include the little ones, we decided on some cupcakes representing both of them. they were so beautiful, i hated to have the cupcakes ruined, but they did a nice little smash! followed by a car ride with sarah not having wiped off any frosting… it was awesome. 

It's such a wonderful time catching up with childhood friends, meeting their spouses and seeing the incredible things they're doing to serve. i had such a great morning, feeling completely refreshed, encouraged and it began a day that i felt so blessed full of joy from these two. Thank you both! i can't wait for part two.. when the kids are here!