Halloween Steampunk Salon Photoshoot

When your badass hairstylist wants to not only show off some of her new tattoos but has a brilliant idea of doing it in a steampunk Halloween way with color bombs inside the hair salon, i’m IN! i don’t photograph a lot of darker feel sessions, and i’m hooked now.

There are so many things i adore about Amber, she’s a light hearted, happy, strong, sexy, beautiful, smart woman, but she also has so much depth and with these dark tattoos, may surprise people until you get to know her. I’m lucky to have her in my life both as my hair stylist and encourager who gives me advice and love and one that makes me laugh until it hurts and also one we can share some ridiculous stories with.

She also incorporated a client and friend of hers, Cindy who’s just as badass too and loves all things Halloween. Here’s a few fabulous photos from our late night session!

Happy Halloween!

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