panama city beach bikini photoshoot

fun sexy bikini portraits on the beach with your best friend during a vacation?

heck yes, sign me up for a vacation like that! Although to be fair, I made all my friends always take photographs with me, regardless of location. ;)

I hear a lot of women talk about wanting a fun shoot but wanting to wait for a number of reasons. And to be honest it makes my heart ache since the number one reason is "when I lose some weight." In case you need a reminder, you are a badass, fabulous woman right now. We all have things about our body we love, and things we don't love quite as much. and I'm being honest with you, it's alllll angles and the outfits you choose. For me personally, I 90 percent can't wear rompers. I'm short with wide hips and a short torso. so instead of wanting to fit the mold to fit some style, I find what flatters my body, the same goes for angles behind the camera. Don't you worry about those angles, I got you. you just have to tell me what you LOVE so we can show it off, and we'll chat through some great outfit ideas too so you know what you're wearing already makes you feel good. 

And if you're wanting something sexy but maybe lingerie photos seems a bit daunting.. sexy photos on the beach might be perfect for you! we all wear swimsuits at the beach, so it's not showing anything more than you normally would (you don't have to wear a thong bikini like me.. though I highly recommend it!) The only difference is.. attitude. we show your fun and fiery personality on the gorgeous beaches of Panama City Beach.  

I loved this shoot with Mariella and Dani. We got some shots separately and together, and of course got to use the drone too! Here's a few of my favorites, and i hope it encourages you to try something new for you. because you need a boost of confidence. You want printed photographs. You're on vacation. you're ready to be brave. you have a cute new outfit or swimsuit. you deserve to feel beautiful. 

I'll drop mariella's and dani's social media below the last photo! don't forget to follow them! 

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