8 Things to do to reach your goals!

I was relieved after writing down the things I found important for reaching goals. why? because after I came up with my own list, I went searching of what others suggested and I was pleasantly surprised... most the other things I read matched up with what I'm saying. This isn't to say I have it all down, know all the answers, or even am always right. Definitely not. But I can tell you, I've read articles, books, watched online seminars and educators and have learned a little. I want to share what I've learned with you. In case you're starting your journey, this is a good place to start and without you having to do all the research I did, here's 8 helpful things to help reach your goals. 

1- Education. However this looks, it’s different for everyone. It could be a conference in your career field, online education and videos, books, seminars, sitting with expert in that field, oh and more books. Did you know the most successful people don’t stop learning just because they’re done with schooling? They get to be where they are with consistent education. This is such a broad subject, so if you want specific book suggestions, online education, seminars or more, I'd be more than glad to help you find something that fits what you're looking for! 

8 things to do to reach your goals

2- Get an advisor. I have to admit i haven’t started this process until two weeks ago. It felt like an expense i wasn’t ready for, but the more i read about it, the more i realize how important it is for me. It might be more of a mentor depending on your goals, but someone to check in with, keep you accountable and ultimately help you steer you towards your goals. They have more knowledge in that area, which is why they’re advising you. So they could help you jump start past a few steps and put you in connection with the right people!

3-  Get out there. Meet people. it’s hard, believe me i know. But no matter the goal, it’s always better with a community, the best way to get business is to meet the right people. Connections are some of the best ways to not have to do all the work yourself. (how did i find my advisor, whelp i went to a meet up and someone i trust suggested a great one in the area.) Some great tools to use are, Facebook events in your area, professional groups, luncheons, bumble app for friends, and the tough one... cold marketing. Research what businesses/people fit your brand or personality and reach out to them. Also don't forget to pick up local magazines and find people there, and if you do advertising with some, you get invited to more events!

4- Stop Making Excuses. We all have them. Instead, work diligently on overcoming those excuses. Be a person who takes small steps, can be patient, and wants to reach their goals instead of them just being just a or a far off dream that won’t become a reality. the only person that can change those dreams into reality.. is you. So no more excuses, because believe me, every single person has them.

5- Calendar and journal. yes this was in the previous post, but here's how to set it up!. i have two calendars, because mostly i’m crazy. i like my ICalendar but i like one i physically write in. Two definitely isn’t necessary but it’s what makes me happy so i do it. Use it to write in the events, and try setting up your computer calendar to set reminders, this is the easiest way so you don't have to add them in each month. repeat it in your calendar, and done! it'll remind you automatically. I use my computer calendar to remind me every month of things like pet meds/paying bills/and appts. weekly i even set an alert to remind me to take the garage out. i know that might seem mindless, but it wasn’t on my to do list until recently, so anything I don't have to think about what will do the thinking for me, helps clear my mind. i don't have to hold onto the “oh i have to remember to do that next week.” it’ll alert me and I can focus on the task at hand. It also starts to build your "5 tasks a day" if you remember reading that in the last post.  

6- set some down time. yes i try to fill time with working towards my dreams, but you know what is equally important? being happy and being present in the now. I don't always get my to-do list done, and it's more than okay. that's truly why there are lists, so I don't necessarily HAVE to do them everyday, they're broken up enough so I can work in time for surprise social events. people are more important, and i will only regret the time i didn’t spend with loved ones. There’s a time and place to say no, but don’t forget to spend time with the people that matter most. 

7- exercise. it doesn’t have to be 2 hours in the gym, or even AT the gym. i clear so much in my mind with a simple walk with my dogs, it’s unbelievable. And the best thing is you can do it with loved ones. Walk your pets, take a walk with your significant other, or your kids. Even a walk makes me feel healthier and gives me some energy.

how to reach your goals

8-Be specific and develop a plan. No goals will be accomplished until you revisit your goals and write specifically what you want.It needs to be clear so you know some steps to take in the right direction. and no, maybe you don't know how exactly you'll get there all the time, but as you take the baby steps you do have planned, you'll find the other steps along the way. For example. one of my short term goals for this year is to have 5 photo sessions a month. it's a HIGH goal in a new location so I'm pushing myself. But if I said I want 60 sessions this year but don't do my part to get to that many sessions, my goal won't happen. I have to educate myself in both the new location, people, and online presence. I have to be organized and track what progress I'm making for instance, when I get clients, how did they find me. I go back and check broken link/inaccurate information etc. I also am getting my name out there, and not making excuses. Goals without a plan will fail. so set yourself up for success with specific goals, and things you can do daily/weekly/monthly to get those goals! 

I'm here guys. You may have a business, fitness and health, personal, or family goal. If you want to talk through some things specifically for your goals, I'd love to talk to you. I still have a lot to learn, but I have found some great resources along the way, and if you're feeling stuck or maybe need just a little help, I'm here to help in any way that I can. If you missed the blog on how to start getting organized, 7 steps to start writing your goals and lists, click here.


Keep Shining

Shanna Star