Whatever is good for your heart, Do that

What constitutes a reason for a photoshoot? 

It might be a big change in your life, or even something small you want to remember. Your family is growing, changing, moving, and you need those documented. Maybe you feel confident and finally believe you are enough now and want to exist in photos for your family. Maybe you know you can rock those sexy outfits and want those photographs for you. Or maybe you just want to because who needs a reason to celebrate life!  What made me decide to have another photoshoot with... a car? I think about my parents honestly. They talked about cars they had when they were young, things they want to share and maybe didn't physically keep so what's the next best thing? Photographs. I don't have kids but (maybe) someday I will. News flash, I get attached to things like... a car I've had for 13 years. So maybe a few of you think I'm crazy (and that's fine, I'll continue to do the things that bring me joy) but this brings me back to the literally hundreds of moments I've had with friends, my family, and Minnesota. 

Here's something I find pretty fricken adorable. I received this car for my 16th birthday and as a graduation present and they purchased it off eBay from.. Virginia. crazy. Driven from Virginia to Minnesota-Vegas-New Mexico and back here in Virginia. 

Hampton Roads Ford Mustang and model photoshoot
cute images of a girl and her car
a girl and her Ford Mustang car
hampton roads model photography
girl and her Ford Mustang
model and car

I might be a little late, since I intended to do a photoshoot with it again but boudoir style. What's something YOU can take from this? Don't wait doing a photoshoot you've been dreaming or thinking about. You're worth it now, and you will rock whatever outfit (or car) you want (I'll totally help!)

below featured photos from...August 2005 (17), October 2010 (22), and above is January 2017 (29). It looks like I'm pretty much always serious about this little blue mustang. I remember specifically, someone commenting on how they couldn't believe I stood on the hood, and honestly.. I'm so glad I did. it made for some sweet photos.

Mostly I just wanted to share a little bit into my world and what's been going on, and something that has been with me since I could drive. Photographs have been important to me even before I was a photographer. My mom had them all around, and I would spend hours flipping through them. (All you wonderful people from my life in high school or college can testify how annoying I was with a camera even then.) It's how I hold onto moments and remember all those details.

A little sidenote. is it weird I'm literally listening to 90's music as I write this post? No? Okay good. 

 Whatever is good for your heart, do that.


Keep Shining

Shanna Star