Five Things.

mighty muffin by flap jacked

A few new ideas and products for you!

Mighty Muffin- I've been meaning to try these for a while, finally ordered a variety pack. It was a perfect treat one day when i really craved chocolate and had extra macros to spare :) I haven't tried the other flavors, but the double chocolate was tasty! you can purchase these from any healthy and vitamin store or straight from the company online at Flap Jacked. 8f 21c 20p 





Beats - If you're looking into new headphones, i'm sure they'll be coming out with a newer version of Beats By Dre, but i got my first pair just last year and loved them. I lost them.. but luckily a friend sold me his. I had the standard apple wired ones for a while, and they're fine, but i wanted wireless so i went to the powerbeats2 (there are also the full headphones, and smaller versions, but this is what i've tried) the base is good, they stay in my ears, work consistently and something i noticed is i no longer have a reason to put my phone in my bra. Ladies, most of us do this, and although i'm no expert in effects of our phones being so close to our bodies so often, it allows the phone to stay off my body, not sweaty, and focus on my workout. Plus no cords to worry about moving your phone every time you do a new exercise or worrying about bands to hold your phone to you. 


Shields of Strength- I've shared about shields of strength one other time on five things, but that was for me. it's a women's necklace that is a weight plate with a verse on it. it's pink ;) it says "i can do all things through Christ who gives me strength." I also have the wing that talks about being protected. All of their products are accessories for weight lifters who also share in faith. So i found this weight belt bracelet and still think it's awesome! It would be a great gift to keep in mind, or if this doesn't fit you or your loved one's taste, there's plenty of options! 


6x6 beautiful designed albums

6x6 Albums- This is one of my favorite products I offer right now, and there's so many fun possibilities! This album can be added to most sessions I offer. (I suggest larger albums and books for weddings) and i love it! If you're wanting to display more than one image, need a coffee table album, or just want to print more.. this is the best way! You get to choose about 25 of your favorite images for the session to be added. This is pearl paper and metallic covered book.  I just added the binding (which isn't pictured) to my collection and it adds such class to the albums. Even if we shot together a while ago, you still can have this added on! just email me to get it started. 








Recipe of the month- I've been trying quite a few new recipes, which i like to do before busy season so i have lots to choose from that i'm familiar with once life gets hectic for a while. This month's is a chicken bake. 

recipe of the month delicious chicken and flavored


approx 1 lb of chicken per two people in the household (or here. i eat a lot.)

green beans (or asparagus)

cut up red potatoes 

olive oil

flavorgod seasoning everything, and everything spicy


Throw the raw chicken, green beans, and cut up potatoes into a 9x13. Coat with olive oil, add garlic and flavogodseasonings. mix toghether. Bake at 400 degrees and depending where you live for about 30-50min. 

For something extra tasty try my dipping sauce! 

Take non fat plain greek yogurt and add FlavorGod Ranch and FlavorGod Bacon Lovers. It taste like a ranch dressing, but a healthy version and extra protein. It's ridiculously yummy! Also great on raw veggies!

I mention FlavorGod seasoning with almost every recipe, If you follow me on instagram, i'm sure you've noticed. It's a company i tried out, love, and fully support. healthy and low sodium seasonings that are delicious. When you go to their site you might think they're more per bottle, but compared to the ones at the store... they're MUCH bigger so the price is about the same. 

Here's the ones i've tried and the only one i've NOT been crazy about is the chocolate donut. Otherwise... you should buy them all ;)

Everything, Everything Spicy, Lemon and Garlic, Garlic Lovers, Honey BBQ, Ranch, Bacon Lovers,Taco Tuesday, Pizza, Italian (i like Pizza better than italian). There's a couple i haven't tried but i use these for almost everything i make. 

Yes i'm a photographer, but I also want to give you ideas to make your life a little easier, healthier, and giving you new products to try! 

Keep Shining

-Shanna Star