Alamogordo Glamour Photography

Absolutely love the feel of this glamour and boudoir shoot, and photographing it. Women come in with their confidence and their pieces they're unsure of. They come in and let those pieces be seen. Things they're normally not proud of. Then when they glance at their photos, they see they are the strong, beautiful creatures they normally can only see in others. Bringing words of kindness to their soul. Words they save for others, are now being said about themselves. It's not just about putting on makeup and being naked, it's a naked soul, and being able to see past flaws and onward to beauty. Finally giving yourself the words you deserved to hear all along.

"It's not about your looks. Listen, they do not want me because of the makeup that dances on my face, of the sway in my tempting hips. No. They want me for the strength that i sweat. For the intelligent head I hold high. They crave me for the confidence that i wear as lingerie, and the self love that is my lip gloss. May you bleed sexy, my love. And kiss them HARD with it." -Erin Van Vuren

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This extraordinary woman came in with confidence in herself, and I loved it. laughing, giggling, and serious looks. Talking about what she loves, and why she chose the lingerie that she did. It was a beautiful day, full of women all who had courage to step in front of the camera and take time to feel differently about themselves. 

-Keep shining

Shanna Star