Powder Fitness Photoshoot, a Beautiful mess- Victoria

Victoria and I started chatting online and had a similar vision for a fun fitness photoshoot and something a little different... and powder bombs! It was a fun experiment which none of us had done something like before! Dallas (who i photographed in the milk bath) was the makeup artist and also powder bomb thrower extrondiannarie. i truly couldn't have gotten these results with out her help! So here are a few of my favorites from our shoot!

holi powder painting photoshoot
powder smoke bomb photo series
gorgeous beauty in tulle skirt and holi powder photography
tulle skirt powder throwing photoshoot
beautiful fitness shoot unique poses dancer
gorgeous dancer beauty photography with holi powder
beautiful fitness photography dancer series
fitness photography alamogordo holi powder model
fitness model powder bomb photoshoot
fun and gorgeous beauty and fitness photos
fitness and dancer model holi powder unique poses

I am constantly learning with every shoot and especially personal shoots where i add in something i've never tried before! This took more research on the best way to photograph it, and I had no clue until the night before that the holi powder was super concentrated soI mixed it some flour! which ended up being great so we had TONS more to work with. I also hadn't periscoped a shoot so that was something new too! 

Victoria was such a fantastic model and we have more shoots planned together too, so stay tuned! Our next shoot won’t be a place that Dexter could use. :)

Victoria- thank you so much for modeling and being up to trying new styles of shooting. You are absolutely fabulous  and beautiful. Bodybuilder, powerlifter, model, dancer. you've got it girl. You're such a hard worker in the gym and it shows! Dallas couldn't get over it either. ;) And you gave me one of the biggest compliments talking about art. i won't forget it! I look forward to working with you again! 


Keep Shining

-Shanna Star