Fitness- It's more than exercise

I posted something on my fitness instagram page that people related with, and even got a few messages about. I thought i should dig a little deeper into what it said. 

Fitness is SO much more than exercise and looking good. it's a catalyst for positive changes, and it affects every aspect of your life. After I started being consistent I realized how much time I had, and how valuable it is. I i used my time more wisely. Reading, praying, reaching out, even working harder at my job and becoming more confident in all of it It may seem shallow to many, but what it does is spark energy, motivation, discipline, in all areas of life. I still have down days but it made me better. 

3.5 years ago when I started being consistent working out and eating healthy, it literally changed my whole life which is why I'm so passionate sharing it with you! Absolutely exercise can change your body, but it changes so much more than just an outward appearance. Inwardly,which is the real reason it's important. Not only benefiting your organs and whole body system it changes your mindset and soul. It even allowed me to see that I was spending time at the gym, so why not better other parts of my life, like reading and praying. So i started making deals with myself, everyday i go to the gym, i have to spend time in prayer and reading so i'm bettering all of me, not just my body. 

 We all waste time, and I admit I still do sometimes, but I used to waste SO much more time and i didn't see the value in the time each day I have. One of the reasons people don't workout is because they say "I don't have time." But when you MAKE time, you realize how valuable it is and how you can accomplish so much more each day with being wise with your time. (and yes still have down time, we all need that too!)

I am not saying you have to be a complete gym rat like I've become. THAT does take more time that not everyone has. But I can't think of too many more things that are as important as your health, spending 30 minutes a few times a week to strengthen not only your body, but your confidence, heart, and maybe make your kids tired if they're with you sounds like a great way to encourage yourself for productivity and for your kids to see the importance of taking care of the bodies we have. 

It's truly hard to explain to those who don't have some of those workout, reading, and eating healthy routines in place. Because before i started, i couldn't see the value and how it would change. All i could say is i don't have time, i'm way too busy. So maybe i should CHALLENGE you to see what it does for you. Go on a 2 mile walk 3x a week if you don't workout at all. (kids or no kids) Women, the book captivating is a good encouraging book i recommend starting with. Read one chapter and journal 3x a week. (pssst that's only 6 days ) implement a healthier meal once a week. I hope you see fitness is more than exercise and it will spark positive change in your life. 

-Keep Shining

Shanna Star