Change what you do daily to change your life.

One of my favorite quotes from John C. Maxwell, “You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.” 

We think it's going to be one grand gesture that changes our whole lives. We come into money suddenly and now we can afford our dream idea. If that happens for you, awesome! Usually, However it's not the case. It's the daily connections, education, prayer, saving, and work that changes our situation and lives. But that stuff is hard. It's easier to go home after work and watch TV and put our dreams on the back burner saying "someday." It's easier not to put ourselves out there and get rejected time and again. It's easier not to spend time and money on education even online. It's easier just not to try because failing is scary, and you can't fail if you don't try.. right? 

Failure only occurs when you don't try, you don't get back up. Rejection and failure is what strengthens our character and pushes us harder. It teaches how to do better next time, what didn't work. in the meantime, meeting incredible people who can impact our lives and help us make future connections. It can be a scary thought that temporary failure is inevitable, but in my personal experience the more i fail, the less i'm afraid of failing again. Mindsets change when we look at failure as a process and not actually failing.

We're all in a hurry to look better fast get rich tomorrow, be happy with ourselves now with a dream job and spouse. I personally want to be someone who sparks change, impacts people and encourage them to believe in themselves. What I found is i still had to change MY daily habits to do so. Reading daily and praying, working out, eating healthy, and putting myself and heart out there for people. Educating online and spending money and time on things that will benefit me. I don't necessarily see the outcome of my daily habits right away, but after months and even years I see daily habits changing my heart, body, and even how sometimes if affects other people too.  I have specific goals for myself, my business, and who i reach but the truth is, I could be doing more. Don't get me wrong, I trust that God will take care of me, but i believe that we have to work hard for the things that we're passionate about. It takes lots of hard work for a long time and a not so favorite word of many... patience. 

Now we come to this, failure. No one wants to fail. but the most inspiring people do. I have failed more times than i can count in more ways than i can explain. Whether it was marketing, small goals, shows, cost of doing business, contracts, communication, and executing the outcome i had in mind. But it doesn't stop me. (it might for a day or two. I get sad too!) But through it, i learn what I can do differently, what i did wrong, how it didn't work for the way i do business, and not to make that mistake twice. 

change your habits change your life blogger

Why am i telling you this? Because 1- i refuse to be the girl who didn't pursue her passions because she didn't have enough belief in herself. 2- i want the same for you.  

What are a few things to help those daily steps of change?

-Reading and prayer/meditation. Self help books, relationship books, business books. 

-Fitness. Gives you extra energy, discipline and endorphins. And confidence in you. 

-Eating Healthy. Nutritious food helps you feel more energized, better immune system, confident, less sick.

-Social interaction. Family first everyday but then family and friends. It reminds you that you're loved, gives you motivation.

-Connections. with random people, at the gym, salon, etc. Those people you come across could be your biggest supporters or have connections.

-Dream. If you have a specific dream or goal. write it down and do something for it every day or week depending on what it is. Example for me is marketing, meet up groups, personal shoots, business meetings, educations, practicing your craft.

The  bottom line, we have dreams and goals, in order to reach our potential we have to start with daily habits.

"It's not about perfection, it's about effort. When you implement that effort into your life ... every single day...that's where the transformation happens that's how change occurs. Keep Going, remember where you started."


-Keep Shining

Shanna Star