Wax Seal Stamp- adding a personalized touch to art

I just received my first wax seal stamp in the mail and i'm already in love. i wanted to share with you a little bit about it, the process and where you can get one! As i'm starting to add some personalized touches to my prints and products i came across this and couldn't pass it up after researching a bit. 

I first purchased the pink wax just on amazon and then went to find someone in the U.S. or close that could customize a stamp. i found Premium Wax Seals on Etsy (They're from Canada) and as much as wanted one immediately i also try to purchase things like this from smaller companies. he worked with me on what i wanted and made sure it was perfect before creating it.

the process is fairly easy just time consuming, though i'm sure i'll get slightly faster! you take the candle and let it drip where you want the wax, depending on how hot it is, you press the stamp down close to right away and hold. for about 5-10 seconds and bam. perfect. well.. my first one wasn't perfect, i didn't use enough wax so i'm missing the "y" but i love the feel of adding another work of art to my pieces for clients. gorgeous. 

below is less than a 30 second video on the process, it's sped up to 7x as fast so you can see the whole thing start to end. 



I'd love to know how you've added personalized or special touches to your art too! 

-Shanna Star