Ladies Night Alamogordo- Vintage Glamour photoshoot

 what could be more fun for a ladies night than shopping, chocolate, makeup, Photobooth, and helping animals? I hosted a ladies night with a few other women in business in May. The other vendors were Dove Chocolate Discoveries, Stella & Dot, Mary Kay, and Scentsy. The makeup artist is Audrey from Serenity was such a fun evening, and a big thank you again to everyone who helped make it happen! 

i got the idea from a friend who said she always wanted to see behind the scenes of a beauty or boudoir shoot. So i sat down and brainstormed how i could make this happen and still make a full fun evening out of it. with 4 booths set up plus mine, it turned out to be a lovely little evening. We all had time to get some snacks, shop and see the specials while Sonya's makeup was completed. It was a great way to show everyone my new salon (area for makeup and hair and wardrobe that i had recently finished!) 

For about 20 minutes i photographed Sonya, once in a while explaining what was going on, or what i was doing, but mostly instructing the fabulous model. Real things happen in even photoshoots. i bought this dress at a vintage shop and the zipper broke. it was just old and no longer zips. but you can't even tell which dress had the issue.. and i'm not about to give that away ;) We even used Stella & Dot Jewelry to complete her look! (check out the necklace and bracelet!)  Here's just a few of my favorite photographs from the evening and a few behind the scenes too. Yes i have printed off a few for my studio already! 


what i loved was how it came together. My vision for the shoot worked, and i loved the result! It looked like such a gorgeous space,but as you can see it was as simple as a backdrop, floordorop, crystal doorway, and chandelier. A few of the ladies told me later how impressed they were seeing the finished product! 


It's exactly what I needed. Spending time with some wonderful women, many which are moving! A great way to show what i do, help a local animal shelter, shop, and get a few people interested in photos! 

I had such a fun time planning, am definitely thinking of hosting more of these! what do you think!? 

If you read this and are interested in contacting any of the vendors I listed above, you can click on the Dove Chocolate Discoveries Link, or Stella & Dot to go right to their personal work page and order from them! you can also email me at to get you in touch with the ladies who were there! Let's help local businesses, women in business, and indulge a little too.   



-Shanna Star