Five Things

Whew! it's been a while again since i shared some of my favorite new things!  hope these little blurbs help you discover new products you love, and if you have something you'd like to share, please do! i'm constantly trying new things, and reading new books. Would love some recommendations for business or personal growth books.

1-Lemon Body Scrub- I realized i'm slowly becoming addicted to home-made products. A friend of mine, Cori makes these seriously yummy body scrub and i love it. it makes my skin so soft, and the smell is perfect! are you looking for something like this? you can purchase one too! email me and ask about how! 

2-Wholly Guacamole- If you follow me on my fitness instagram, you may have seen these little delightful packages. Avocados go bad so quickly, or i don't always feel like cutting them up just to have them go rotten. these are the perfect little minis. I buy the ones with avocados, peppers, garlic powder, but there's also one with JUST avocado in the ingredients. A bit more expensive than avocados but these are always used in my house. Paying for conveinence  in this case, has been worth it. 

3- Put Your Dream To the Test by John. C. Maxwell- This is the most recent business book i picked up. i have to say, everything i've read by Maxwell hits home and encourages me both in my personal and business growth. An author i connect with time and again and this book has not disappointed. A step by step action plan that you can start using to see, own, and reach your dreams. (my next business book is from him too! picked it up yesterday!) I end up making a page worth of notes with every chapter. I can't sell this book enough to you. Pick it up! 

4- Minamalistic by Essie.- My favorite color is pink. i know this is shocking information to most of you. There's also a color called "Mod about You" from O.P.I but i find i like how Essie goes on, and stays. This is the closest to that pink i could find so far, and i'm loving it! 

5-Cellucor Alpha Aminos Watermelon- I only recently starting drinking Aminos from Cellucor (and have to pick up the BCAAs too since there are different kinds.) in a very short answer, aminos repair your muscles after/during a workout. Each kind does slightly different repair but it gets me to drink WAY more water 

Just wanted to share a quick post with you all.

We're half way through the week, make it a good one!


-Shanna Star