Red Wing Treasure Island Wedding- Cassie & Tim

When i was little, there was a girl just across the street from me, that i always wanted to be like. She was outgoing, always upbeat, fun, and a beautiful soul. she knew how to figure out every problem she came across, and seemingly knew how to craft anything she dreamed. So when Cassie asked me to photograph her wedding, the answer was absolutely yes! 

for those of you who don't know Cassie and Tim, i was able to also photograph their engagement session in Eau Claire, WI last year. It was a session with lots of rain that lifted enough for us to capture some lovely moments! 

October 2014 in Goodhue Minnesota was a perfect weekend for a wedding, here's (more than) a few of my favorites!


The first evening was a perfect ceremony for family. Cassie got ready at her child-hood home, and i was able to explore around the property i remember so well. The second day was the reception and time to celebrate! we all met before-hand to get tons of fabulous photos! 


the complete opposite of any of the women, but i loved what this wine was called! ;)

wedding dress-details-cassie-red-wing

i think it's so special when the bride is surrounded by family who help her get ready. it brings out real smiles and lots of laughs. 


We all have heard it's all about the bride, and yes i do mostly agree, but the groom needs a few moments too. looking sharp!


in-between all the kisses and smiles, were the real laughter and beautiful moments with family. have i mentioned lately how i LOVE outdoor photos for family and the couple!?


Also, i don't think Cassie and Lisa (her sister) had ANY fun ;)


As usual, Cassie had everything planned perfectly. every detail was thought of, and so many of the pieces at the reception were hand-made by the bride herself! i loved how she planned enough time for photos and still the evening was all about celebrating with loved ones. 

After photos at Memorial Hill, the reception and party was held at Treasure Island Resort and Casino in Red Wing, MN. I got there early and time to explore the gorgeous property. 


All of the center pieces, the bride made. i didn't steal any.. but i thought about it ;) i loved the art piece of their names too! 


i stole Tim and Cassie a little long when the sparklers came out, but we had such a blast! my assistant and bestie (Rachelle) helped by running around with sparklers. i hadn't laughed that hard in a while. but they did good!!



Do you want to see more!?Let's be honest, i wanted to share SO many more. There are TONS with guests and silly moments. if you're wanting to purchase some prints for you or the bride and groom, you can ask them for the link, and order right online! The prints will arrive at your door, and like me, can sit on your couch while doing so. 

I want to thank Cassie and Tim for letting me be just a small part of their fabulous weekend. I'm so glad i got to be there and celebrate and see another neighbor marry a truly wonderful man. you both are so good to one another, and i had a blast! Congratulations you two! 

-Shanna Star