Holloman Fit fam- New Mexico Fitness Photoshoot

These three. In the short amount of time i've known them, they've been nothing but encouraging, supportive, loving, and ready to push you to the limits. If you follow them online in the fitness journey, you will consistently see them building one another up. Giving love, and through that they've helped each other through some tough times. From afar, intimidating in the gym, working hard and going after their goals. Once you talk to them they're down to earth and are always willing to help out. The whole #hollomanfitfam has been more than i could have imagined. people you need in your life. not just at the gym, but serving others and doing what they can do to make this world better with their drive and their attitudes. 

The day I photographed all three was a great day and i won't forget it. Here's a few from our photoshoot together. I still have yet to show the men's individuals, don't worry.. those are coming! :)



Like most, i've been questioned why i like the gym so much or become obsessed. But i can't even explain the amazing people you meet there. The ones who want you to succeed and the ones serving others. basically, not just gymrats. they have huge hearts and the gym is what motivates the rest of their goals to become reality. i'm so proud of you three, and can't wait to see how far you go. sponsorships are on their way.. no doubt! 

I talked about their fitness journey online. you can follow  these beasts on instagram and you should. 

Steven- d00d0060

Marlon- marlon_j0seph

Catalina- itscatalinadesiree

-Shanna Star