Davista Photography 4 year blogiversary!

I looked ahead on my calendar for the week and couldn't believe it's here already! Davista Photography's 4 year Blogiversary! yeah! I've had the davista name for a business since 2009 but didn't get my official website and blog until 2011! 

I was wrapping presents the other day and happened upon my FIRST draft of fonts. Then when deciding what to write to you all, i thought about progression. Where i was when i started, and what i've accomplished. the days go by so slow and i'm always wanting to be just a little further with dreams and goals, but i think where i started and realize how hard i've worked and what i've done in such a short time! SO to show you that progression in font form (nerdy form, but fonts just grab my attention... i blame my professors at Northwestern ;) There were SO many more trials for fonts. i have files still to this day FULL of fonts i thought about using, but the four below are the ones i settled on through the years. 

Then i thought maybe i should show you progression of me! mostly pink hair ;) starting in 2013 and only using self-portraits when i got better at making sure i need to be in front of the camera too for headshots. 

I remember when i first started designing and picking out fonts, i thought i was a genius and whatever font i chose would be it for life. until i realized people, business plans and dreams change. I actually still adore the 2014, but as i added fitness photography i wanted something that fit both beauty AND fitness. i haven't strayed from a shade of pink though! I love looking through these, not just fonts but progression of me. Becoming a woman who's confident and embracing being feminine and changing. Logos are a HUGE part of a business and i've spent hours designing each of these, so to think back through exactly why i picked each font, placement, color and how it came to be is so special to me.  

The first session i photographed of myself wasn't the first one i'm showing. but these are when i was more serious and started to make sure i had photographs of myself too, that i'm a priority for my family and my business. The first session i had of boudoir for myself was the very left. i started shooting boudoir in 2012 a little more seriously and to find clients, found that if i photographed myself, i could get out there what i wanted to photograph. the few below are ones at the time i absolutely loved. the very right wasn't a shoot, but it was for my birthday this year. And looking through i can see how comfortable i become in front of the camera and with myself. 

Because i've had some time to reflect on my business and see progression, i want you to do the same. Instead of comparing yourself to someone else, or where they are, i want you to compare yourself to who you were or where you were since 2011. How far you've come and how wonderful you are. All of those small steps you're taking daily make a difference! 

-Shanna Star

- Ask, and it shall be given to you: seek and you will find; knock and it shall be opened to you. Luke 11:9