Five Things

Happy November! I have been saving lists of favorite products, brands, and more and just had to share a recent few! 


1- Christmas Decor Pillows- I wandered around Hobby Lobby and fell in love with their gold and black Holiday decor. So far i bought the Holiday Cheer pillow at 40% off, along with a cute black wooden sign that with a gold star. i plan on going back ;) I realize it's barely November, but it was too cute!

2-Aldo mesh wedge heels. i saw these and immediately thought i had to have them. they're a little crazy, but oh so cute! Something different but still makes for an adorable outfit. 

3-It's not your father's root beer- I don't drink beer, or drink much. normally it's either whiskey or a super girly drink but this is so amazing! I even have tried it in ice cream. spiked ice cream!? because why not! if you haven't tried this yet, you should. It's found at most liquor stores and even walgreens! 

4- The complete cookie by Lenny And Larry's.- if you follow my fitness instagram account, you may have seen these a few times. they're SO yummy and have lots of protein in them too! you can click the link here to see the website, read about their products. i'm now an ambassador too! my favorites are snickerdoodle, lemon poppyseed and chocolate chip, but they're about to ship out.. birthday cake! so if you haven't tried them, you should. you can buy them at GNC, Vitaminshoppe and their website. also, soon i'll be able to get you a discount code! check them out on instagram too for tons of updates!

5- custom thank you cards, stickers, and pens. I just designed these for the shirts i'm selling (on sale until tomorrow so click HERE to see how to order) I think it adds just a wonderful touch to products when you receive custom products, and love these printed cards on linen paper! 

I was writing five things almost monthly!- i have plenty more ideas and products for you, so stay tuned, i have more to share! 


- Shanna Star



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