Alamogordo Head-shots- Tania

Tania came to me needing some head shots. Getting her photo taken is not on the top of her favorite list (but she used to model, hot thing!) luckily we had a fabulous time, and she's letting me share them with you all! the background are the panels i made and showed on fb! and we used the lovely hair blower to get a little extra hot look. Girl, i love these, and am so glad you do too! 


the first one is both our favorites, i just adore it, i had to put it in my portfolio! Head-shots don't need to be boring, and you should look like your fabulous self. 


i always say how photographing women is my absolute favorite, and it still is so true! even in the short time we shot, we had some great conversation and i learned so much about her! 


i've been studying how one of, in my opinion, best photographers shoots, and every detail. This is one of the first shoots i got to use all of her (Sue Bryce) instruction and i love the outcome! 

Tania, i'm so glad you asked me to photograph your head-shots and that we got a little time to chat! You are, even more fabulous than i already thought!