Five Things.


Good morning! i wanted to share a few things i'm loving lately! food. books. products. websites. here you go :) 

1- Modern Vintage Boutique- I don't know how i've saved this fabulous little website away from you all! Chic and Contemporary online boutique with good quality and affordable prices.  i've ordered a few pieces from here and love so many items they share on Facebook and instagram. i couldn't say no to the dress above. Also a great way to see new pieces is to follow them on Facebook so you can kinda of  "window browse" whenever they post it!

2- Love Crunch- This has been my favorite obsession/snack lately. when i need a little chocolate or something sweet, i grab the dark chocolate and red berries flavor. organic granola made with organic cocoa, flax, coconut. Non GMO. it's a win for me and so freakin' tasty. i pour some rice dream over it, or mix greek yogurt with spark and then put a little on top. YUM.

3- 8x12 print matted to 11x14- one of my new favorite products i offer. i ordered a bunch for my house (office AND home) of course i still enjoy the 16x24 print better, but some of my 11x14 frames needed replacing anyway here's why!- 8x10 is a crop that cuts a lot of the photograph off, it's not the size made to show off that work of art (slightly off for ratio), and i also shoot for 8x12s, so these have been perfect to still find tons of gorgeous frames,and a standard size that still shows more off! 

4- Mint Chocolate Chip Protein/ "Ice Cream"-  i really wanted some ice cream one day, but a rule i try to usually abide by is not to have a cheat meal at home. i prefer to go out for cheat meals because i don't want to make it a habit at home. anyway! as a substitute i used my  Cellucor Mint Chocolate Chip Protein for the first time! lots of ice, 1 scoop of protein, a little carmel coffee (one of those packets you can buy at starbucks or target) rice dream, and a little honey. and i added a few drops of green food coloring. blend. it's a coffee/ice cream kind of treat and it's a must! it completely curbed my craving for something sweet and has been a huge lifesaver.. and we usually don't get enough protein anyway, so perfect!

5- How Successful People Think- the most recent business book i just finished! you might know i read a few books at a time and try to always include a business book and read a chapter a day. It was an easy read, enjoy his writing, and thinking about picking up a few more of his books. i found them to be so encouraging and relatable. business meets how to. It's the 11 keys to more effective thinking. Purchase below by clicking the link with the title

one of the reasons i like to share new finds is actually one of the keys in the book How Successful People Think. It's Shared thinking. Combine ideas and products and come with ones that you would've never had! so i hope these are helpful for you, and if you have something you think i'd like, post a link in the comments below i love discovering new things! 

Happy Tuesday! 

Shanna Star