Figure Fitness Competition Model- Olivia

Where do i even begin!? Olivia is such an inspiration and always has been. An incredibly strong, beautiful, talented, smart, and of course hilarious girl i've known for such a long time! Inside jokes from long ago, and always a big hug when i see her now! 

She participated in her first fitness competition doing figure! By looking at these photos, i'm sure you won't be surprised that she placed 3rd. what a HUGE accomplishment, especially the first show! now on to 1st! 

So here are some photographs to remember the time she first competed.. and i mean.. show off how hard she's been working! 

We were chatting about what she had in mind, what outfits, and we came up with the most perfect location. Her family's shed, filled with amazing classic cars, and the truck (above left) that belonged to her grandfather. Such a special way to incorporate family and have a seriously awesome place to shoot! Her parents came along, and boy am i glad they did! Jeff got the cars pulled around for me, and Harriet saved the day helping get Liv's hair just right ( i couldn't bring my huge fan to mn, so my blowdryer is always a great instrument!) she held it the whole time and it was such a huge help! 

Olivia is such a natural in front of the camera, she would follow my instructions and add her own personality in every shot! I didn't post a lot of the smiling ones, but believe me.. LOTS of giggles :) 

some of my absolute favorites were in front of this truck! 

I want to thank you for letting me photograph you, gorgeous! I've been wanting to get into more fitness shoots, and other techniques, and this hit it! goodness, it was an absolute blast!