Wedding Press Printed Album

I have a confession to make. I have tons of prints, canvases, and specialty products all over my house, but i just started designing my wedding album last week. It's been almost 4 years. It's one of those products that as work comes in, i put mine on the back burner, trying to get caught up (which is fantastic, i'm so thankful for that!) Wedding albums are something that brides and grooms aren't always sure if they need. A lot of times, brides become ambitious and decide that they can make their own. (but i mean seriously this is what i do for a living... and i still haven't done my own) 

I think wedding albums are extremely important just like prints, but these beautiful products can tell the whole story rather than just show one moment. So many times wedding or even family photos end up downloaded on a computer, but that's where they stay, and i'm one to show off those photographs and have something tangible to see. I always think into the future... i doubt my kids are going to look through my thousands of photos on the computer, but they will look through a wedding album. 

i love how beautiful albums are, they are works of art, for your coffee table, and things everyone loves to look through, A memory for you when you just want to hold on to those moments that go by so quickly

This is a 10x10, 20 spread album.. one that i will be purchasing for my studio too! 

I offer albums and books. Albums are a little more expensive but have much thicker pages, more sturdy, and can lay flat. they also can have one image across the entire spread... i love that feature! 

you get to choose some of your favorite images and i'll design the album, it's a fun process so you have a say in the photos you'll see! 

It's my favorite way to display a wedding, and a great gift for one another to cherish those moments. Now i should go work on mine, it's still in the designing process, but it will get done! 

Even if you decided not to get one when you got married, and i photographed your big day, you can still order! So let's show off your wedding day with a great gift... even for an anniversary!