why i'm a photographer, and 5 things to encourage you

i started reading this incredible book last week, and it started making my brain moving a thousand miles an hour again with ideas. (it's usually running at 500 miles per hour)  As part of my day working from home, i try to implement reading business or encouraging books to keep me motivated and on top of my business. Also it's always good to rethink why you do what you do, and how to grow and stay happy and passionate. 

when i start the day out right, i find my whole day falls together and it creates a whirlwind of words that leave me ready for more. "Becoming Myself" by Stasi Eldredge so far is just the book i've been needing. Along with "The Confident Woman" by Joyce Meyer. here's a few notes i've been taking that helped me today and i hope they can help you.

1 the process of change is slow, but lasting change takes time

2 before anything can happen, a change of heart occurs

3 you are amazing, even if it's not everyday. 

4 confident people are positive, they look at what they have not at what they lost

5 i am a confident woman because i have decided to be one, not because i always feel confident

After reading a little from each of these books, i happened upon a business woman i follow and look to for advice, Alex Beadon. Her questions led me to once again affirm why i'm a photographer. 

At a very basic level, it's my passion and i want to make people feel good about themselves, but digging much deeper into this lead me to discover more about myself. 

i was confident growing up, i really didn't have doubts about who i was or what i wanted.. i was lucky to have that, but there did become a time where i no longer felt good enough or beautiful. I had to rediscover what that meant to me, and with God, i know that i am loved, captivating, and i'm enough. When i really truly got to that point, i had a change of heart about eating right and exercising and then i started to see a difference on the outside as well. This is why these changes are from the inside out,  This is where my business stems from.

I want women to come to me however they are, i wanna love on you, encourage you, motivate you, and sometimes.. i'll just shut up and listen. The best way i can show you aside from those things i just stated is by photographing you. It's one of my gifts, and i want to share that. You might think it's basic that a photograph of a woman who is dressed up and photographed with encouragement won't change anything but maybe how she feels on that day. it's so much more than that. If a woman can see beauty in a different way even in one photograph, she will start to feel differently about how she views herself. yes absolutely the day of she'll feel sexy and confident, but it's about creating that confidence more than just that day.

Viewing yourself in a new light can ultimately change how you view your self worth, confidence, and what you can accomplish. A woman becomes beautiful when she knows she's loved, it's when her heart comes alive and begins to heal. it doesn't have to be from a man, this love can be from our heavenly Father and also, when she can love herself. So i'm here to not only photograph you and encourage that day, but i'm here whenever you need someone and to tell you time and again that you really are lovely. 

One book i've been trying to give clients is "Captivating" by Stasi Eldgredge.. (yup same author as the new book i'm reading) but goodness it's hard to come by these book in second hand stores sometimes. it's one of the first books that started to heal my heart and realize my worth. if you'd like a copy, i'd be more than happy to find one to send to you, they are at barnes and noble too and most bookstores. 


whew! hope you were ready to get into some heavier content than i've been dishing out. and if you want more articles like this, comment below and let me know so i can keep you all encouraged too! 

so  email me now if you want to book a beauty session or even if you just need someone to listen or if you're a photographer and have any questions!

-you are altogether beautiful my darling, there is no flaw in you. -song of songs 4:7