Ty and Kelsey Schulz- Minnesota Wedding

This Minnesota August wedding was so extremely beautiful! It was a toasty day, but we found a ton of shade under the trees, the ceremony in Zumbrota and the reception at the Rochester Golf and country club.
Kelsey's dress absolutely fit her personality and her perfectly. gorgeous, bold, stands out, lovely and everyone wanted to talk about how wonderful it is!  The entire day was full of fun details, surprises, and most importantly; lots of love and laughter. 
Kelsey made these cute pink sandals for all the bridesmaids after the ceremony for a more comfy look. i asked her to make me a pair ;) 
Their whole wedding day was full of so much joy and thoughtfulness. Ty has always treated her like a princess, and i got to see just a glimpse into his romantic side with this wonderful idea. She woke up to find in her suitcase.. a ticking timer.. along with it.. a card. aside from the heartfelt words, he explained every 30 minutes there would be a gift for her! (uhhhh WAY too cute) the gifts ranged from silly to cute.. and her last gift.. a bracelet to wear for her day. it was perfection! and these two put me to tears with how much love they have for one another. (luckily i can cry while holding my camera up to cover my eyes) 
their first look was adorable! kelsey even turned back to show off more cuteness ;) 

i couldn't stop photographing her dress. it was so extravagant. the image on the left below, i made a wood print out of for my desk.. so i get to see gorgeous kelsey everyday! 

such perfect pink glasses she found for the girls! i wanted those too! let's be honest.. i wanted lots of the details. 
there were so many moments this entire day, not only between kelsey and ty, but their family. close to their parents, and always hugging on one another. i loved this day! 
and.. the programs. the best programs! i was so impressed. 

after the ceremony, they wanted to include one of their best friends whom they lost, so we went out to pay respect, and really just remember what a wonderful friend he was. 
at the ceremony i was even more in pink heaven. i loved all the details. 5 things you should know about the bride and groom.. the cutest little koozies, and sixlets! yum! 
one more detail were these mr. and mrs. signs. they were perfect for a few photos on the green. and i couldn't believe how sweet kelsey was.. she sent some of these signs all the way to me here in new mexico because she knew i loved them. gosh, what a wonderful gift! 
more of those moments during dances. i wanted to share about 12 of these shots. but i loved watching how much fun they had during their first dance. i smiled way too much. 
and then what.. FIREWORKS! yes, those are real! they told me ahead of time they would be having some but i never expected some of the best ones i've seen.. EVER! i had so much fun photographing them! what a gorgeous end detail to celebrate! 

congratulations again Ty and Kels. i am so thankful i was able to be a part of your day and capture those moments you had together. i immediately felt part of your family, and love seeing you two together as you love on, giggle, and have such a strong friendship. you're such a beautiful couple and i'll be continuing to pray for a wonderful marriage! 
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