Five things.

Now that we're mostly settled in to our new house, and life is slowing down at least for a couple weeks, i've had some time to gather a list of the wonderful new products and findings.  i've had so many favorite things piling up lately, i just had to share! beauty products, food, shoes, and decor. 


ONE- Victoria's Secret Pink Collection: Warm and Cozy. seriously, i'm having a slight obsession with this scent. i've been looking for new body scrub and perfume and found this one. then i realized why i like it.. it has a touch of vanilla..but it's so yummy! so if you're looking for something new, check out the PINK collection, they have tons of variety! plus added bonus.. i really like the design. yes, that plays into it. don't pretend it doesn't when you pick up new scents to check out.

TWO- Rudis Gluten-Free bakery. i've been trying a few GF bread out, and some are just gross. i'm still looking around, but found this and really enjoy it! so check it out, most grocery stores have these options. and i got a great secret from the family i stay with (the warrens) toast it, it doesn't crumble as much. also i still try to only use one slice for sandwiches, i still look crazy but i then fill up on the veggies and yummy toppings. i still have such a long way to go to clean eat even 80% but i'm slowly learning and feeling good about the food i'm eating. 

THREE- Nican mug. Get it?-ni-can. I've been wanting one of these Nikon lens mugs for a while, and brandon surprised me with it the other day! it fits perfectly on my desk, and love having it every morning. although, there is a Nikkor brand.. guess i'll just have to get the 70-200 mm next! 

FOUR- Reef shoes. i found these cute little shoes with the most comfortable insoles possibly ever at a bike shop on the mountain the other day (and yessss i finally got a road bike.. should be in this week! more on that later) so comfortable, cute, and i can wear them for weddings and other shoots. i'm pretty pumped about this find. let's be honest, it has a touch of pink. perfect.

FIVE- Metallic prints. it's hard to tell taking a photo.. of a photo. but i just ordered my first metallic prints; and one panorama and i LOVE it. it works for only some photos but it's a gorgeous little touch to add to some fun photos you really want to pop. Professionally printed on Kodak Endura paper, adds shimmer and vibrant colors with highly reflective glossy finish. i'm not usually for reflective.. or glossy.. but it adds such a fun element to photos and i'll be ordering more soon! if i've taken your photos recently and you're interested.. just ask! i'd be happy to order some for you too! 


****if you have some favorite things to share.. post below under "post a comment" especially good healthy recipes, or anything great you'd like to share! i had a suggestion to add in the photos of the new house. who's all interested in seeing those? i'll hop to it a little quicker if you'd like! enjoy your weekend. go outside. :)