Brent and Keisha Lunning- Minnesota Farm Wedding!


I don't even know where to start bragging about this couple. I've known Keisha since i was little, and she was always the bubbly outgoing gorgeous woman you see her on her wedding day. I had the pleasure of meeting Brent at another wedding, and from day one even though i'm so far away, i could see how crazy he is about her. Her day was absolutely one of my favorites; i laughed, cried, and sang all day with friends and family! I couldn't get enough of all the details.. not to mention, keisha made them herself!- the bouquet, signs, you name it, she made it. i'm so happy i got to be a part of their absolutely perfect day and celebrate all night dancing.. and yelling at the bridesmaids when we were trying to get the "love" photo near the bottom ;) 
cowboy boots to add to this day on her parent's farm.. IN LOVE.

it's always so special getting ready in the home you grew up in. 
All day was full of beautiful moments. Keisha is extremely close to her parents, and the tears and joy shared between them made me cry all day. luckily, i can hide behind my camera. 
farm-weddingand don't forget brent! what a stud! and something so wonderful, both his dad and keisha's dad wore a white tux with purple. could this day get more perfect!?

what a HOT couple! workin' it. 
wedding-at-farmtheir first look also brought me to tears.. the huge smiles and giggles from brent and keisha.. and then screams from the windows of the bridesmaids watching. 
Keisha even did her own makeup and hair. i can't believe how amazing she is! the serious face below, is rare for this beauty but WOW she did it so well! 
the cute bridesmaids who have had to put up with me before. and always look adorable! i have so much fun with you all! 


we went on a back road with the whole wedding party and their party bus.. SO much fun before the reception started! and maybe some weird bus photos happened. maybe. 
see that lovely "love" photo below.. let's just say it took a few times to get it right, but i had SO much fun in the process. thanks girls for doing this! 
there wasn't a detail not thought of, and the whole day was so full of beauty both in all her hard work, and in the love they have for one another. 
i wanted to post all the photos, i couldn't stop myself! if you want to see more though.. just click HERE! and if you missed the engagement photos, and wanna check them out.. click HERE
Here's to the wonderful couple who are not only madly in love, but share the deepest of friendships. Here's to many happy years together! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Lunning!