Caitlyn & Marc wedding- sneak peek!

i had the chance to meet this couple just this past may! we did a fun engagement session on a super hot day, and their wedding day was no different :) if you missed the engagement photos, click here!
There is so much to say about wonderful couple and something i learned almost immediately after we met was that 29 was a very special number to them. From days they met, to when they got engaged, and even getting married AT 6:29 pm. so cute! so while i was walking around looking for some fun secret photos i ran into the pool table and decided to show off her shoes (that were a surprise to marc!) and their wedding date. 
she couldn't have picked a more beautiful place to get married. i'm still in love with the house and realized while putting this sneak peek together i had to get rid of some of the house and include other places! ha 
there were so many amazing details and the family and friends were so welcoming. i felt like part of the family before i left and couldn't help but stay and chat too! 
so many more to come! but while you wait here's a few of their big day! 

i was so happy to feel a part of their family for the day, thank you so much for letting me photograph your beautiful wedding! seriously. loved the chucks. my recommendation for all couples :) 
so leave me some love let me know what you think!