a beautiful gift from a beautiful friend.

Friday morning i woke up to an AMAZING surprise. Let's start a few years ago shall we. Two friends of mine from college got married, their anniversary coming up in July! and i have had the opportunity first to see them fall for each other, but also photograph their engagement photos, wedding photos, and a trash the dress session. They're absolutely amazing, and so much fun! Plus photographing their cuteness also allows me to hang out with them for a bit.

anyway, like i said friday morning i go to the door and there's a surprise package waiting for me from Haeli! i couldn't even believe it. i opened it and started to cry even before finding the letter. i'm so undeserving of this gift, but her friend Jaimie painted a photo from my wedding, a great photo of my husband and i. I can't wait to hang it up, but i had to photograph it first to show you! so here's a few.

it's a photo that in black and white i have hanging in our bedroom, so i am SO excited she chose this one to have painted.

look at that detail!

it's gorgeous! The reason she said she sent it is 1- for our 2nd anniversary present and 2- as a thank you for photos of her and her husband jon. She absolutely is such a blessing in my life, and i'm so thankful to have her as a friend. Thank you Haeli girl!

i'm so excited about this gift, and i can't thank her enough and show her how much it means to me! thank you so much, it's so beautiful.