Five Things.



First is a place i go for inspiration. I used to stalk these photographers in college, and i started again. today. i love them, such interesting stuff! and i could keep looking at all their great work. 



Lemon Lime Photography




Design for your save the dates/ wedding invitation. This invitation is from a couple that i LOVE. i had the opportunity to take their engagement photos.. check out the full post here, or head over to my portfolio. Paige and Aaron are people i've bragged on before! She had a designer help her with her invitations, and i'm so proud to have photos of mine showed off in such a great design.. not to mention beautiful paper! slightly shimmered. I erased one section of where it's taking place, but it was a perfect fit, and wanted to share that maybe have someone design an invite, with your engagement photos! is a great peek into the wedding, whether it be colors, or design scheme. Definitely think about having personal invites made. i'm loving it! 
To check out all of her work, check out Graphics by K8
front of the invitation, and you can see the back with directions and extra details! 




discovered this treat bar and can't believe i hadn't heard of it before! would definitely be something i'd think about. A mashed potato bar. could be served as appetizer if not having a full meal. Could be served later when people start getting hungry again (i had sandwiches) or just throughout the night. So filling, so delicious! 



serve in martini glasses, these have become growingly popular! There are lots of sides that could be added. 


Guests apply toppings themselves to create their own mashtinis.

you might include: 

sour cream
red peppers

The options are endless!

You can also have themed mashtinis. 

If you don't want to have a mashed potato bar at the wedding, maybe the rehearsal dinner or a wedding shower! i'm definitely a fan. 

 NEXT!- size matters. that's right, print size, canvas size prints. Before i started at the chapel, and really started shooting, anything over 8x10 seemed huge. the more i snoop around, and see these beautiful images, the more i realize an 8x10 doesn't do it justice. here's a small example of a photographer who ordered one 8x10 and then a 20x30, maybe not the best photo, but you can see how much more of an impact the larger print is going to have. If you have an image you LOVE, why not make it a little bigger than the rest of the photos around the house? it's a great art piece, takes up space to add a simple affect, and catches the eye of your guests, not to mention a way for you to enjoy something you love. oh yeah.. and you can actually see it. 

pick a few favorite images, and think about making them bigger! these two are above a smaller couch and look what a difference it makes! i showed you one not long ago.. here it is again.. a photo i've loved for a while. don't have the funds for a canvas size this big, think about doing a print with a tougher backing, not expensive and makes such a beautiful piece! 

ours isn't quite as bit as the above photo, we might do a bigger canvas at some point, we just needed this photo.. and BIG! 

If you want something completely different still, and have a funky.. yes i said it.. funky fun style, you might want to try something like this for shoes! I've seen a pair with a similar idea at the chapel. A girl wasn't comfortable in high heels, but her mom wanted heels. so they opted for something like this.. and they made sure it was all bling with rhinestones. if your feet are going to be hidden, that's fine, but always think.. photographers love details.. shoes is definitely one of them. they make me smile and giggle too.. they're fun! and could be something you and your mom or a close friend could make together. these are on etsy. 


Dang this five things post is a little longer than usual. just was excited about all of these things! hope you're all having a wonderful day!