puppy-ventures. birthday style.


This past January we celebrated our puppies birthdays! which we actually found out later that day to be the wrong month.. it was december, but since we don't know conner's birthday, we celebrate together so one isn't more spoiled with a treat. We decided a light puppy hike and time together would be fun! i planned on doing a cute photoshoot with them, but couldn't find the right stuff.. so next year i'm going to be prepared. i might even still do one. shhhh... 

Our first stop before the hike was to a cute little animal shop to find a cupcake for them. This is the part i need to be more prepared for. They had cute cookies, which we ended up getting but it wasn't what i wanted.. sigh. and then the party hats were too big. poor little puppy heads. We DID find a good present for them, which i still can't share.. but i WILL tell you this, there will be a nice photoshoot with my boys during football season :) 

Then we headed to Calico Basin. We hadn't been there before and are always up for new adventures! Murphy leading the way of course, wanting always a bit more freedom then the leash allows. stinker. 

Right away we made some friends! little kids like our puppies. 

sad little cupcake cookie. melty. i'll get it right next year! But they still loved it!
yeah for puppy birthday!!

They weren't thrilled about being on a tall rock alone. but. they're cute. it was a pretty happy birthday for them though!