Discover your potential- New Year, New Goals

Discipline. It's something I have struggled with for quite some time. Whether it was going to the gym, staying on track, eating better, or hitting small goals, it's tough to do! 

I sat down in November  (december is crazy here, so I got done with some things before it got too crazy) every year i sit down and write goals. and then review them, re-work things that have changed (like i want to shoot more fitness), write new goals and then.. write things i've accomplished. It helps me see what i'm accomplishing each year and becoming better. Discipline. It's tough, but writing down your goals will help tremendously. 

It's okay to fail. I wanted to read 12 books, i only am going to hit about 10 (i read a chapter a day from a devotional, business, and self-help book). I wanted to be featured in more blogs, and it didn't happen, but i did do more than i set out to do. I competed in 2 powerlifting competitions, one bikini competition, and contacted fitness companies directly. So for next year, i can do even better, i actually didn't fail. what i did was improve from 2014.

Discover your uniqueness, now put it to the test! Here's what i've done in my journal for short term goals. i have another section for long term, but those will only start to become real when i accomplish these smaller ones each year! 



         Goals for 2016

-read 4x a week/spend time in prayer

-workout 4x a week (this lines up with my prayer time, so i know when i'm staying on track)

-read 12 books

-How many photo shoots i wanna do (still figuring out my numbers from this year!)

-what i want to be able to pay loans/equipment/studio/myself 

-featured online/other blogs/magazines

-blog 4x a month and stay on track with newsletters

market myself 12x- only 1 per month. (meetings, expos, shows, companies, emails, cold calls or in person,)

volunteer- 1x per month (since currently it's under that. i need to start out realistically)

-reach out to loved ones/friends

travel- to a new city/state and photograph there

-in person sales

-start fitness certification

-Fitness competitions x2

so why am i sharing  a few goals with you?- it's not to show off what i do, or that i have it all together. i definitely don't. but it helps me stay on track with goals so my long term goals can come to realization. working each year on discipline. seeing how realistic the small things can be done. and bettering myself as a person. i don't want to become stagnant and comfortable. i want to have adventures, and meet new people, encourage them, and travel. i want to be better than the person i was. and discover what i can do, if i just set my mind to it. so set up some goals for yourself. financial, fitness, volunteer, family. every part of your life. I think we can all get those big dreams accomplished, but it's the steps we take daily/monthly/yearly that get us there. 

So do you journal, examine, and see how far you've come!? I'd love to know who else journals and if there's a way that has helped you! 

Psalm 27:11- teach me your way O Lord & Lead me in a smooth path. 

- why do i share those photos? because lifting has given me confidence, love for my body and for who i am! 

-Shanna Star