Feel refreshed

Happy Sunday! i hope you're all having a wonderful relaxing day! This post is going to be a little different from most.. no new photo updates today, but look for a new one tomorrow! It's been laying heavy on my heart to share what's been going on here in the Magnuson home. 

I recently picked up some new devotions to read daily, whether it was while lounging in the pool or curled up on the couch. I started these new ones to really draw closer to God, and in my business obey Him. After only a few days, i felt i needed to be spending more time reading the Bible and getting a clearer understanding of what's in store for me, and Davista Photography. 

One reason i started a business in the first place was to bless others. Whether it was as simple as showing love, and making them feel better about themselves, or starting a friendship which i could be there in a time of need. 

Brandon and i watched church online today (he sleeps during the day on this shift! bummer.) Pastor Jud talked about how "God wants to bless you to bless others." It immediately spoke to me, i knew it was something i was meant to hear. After, i spent some time with my new devotions, i came across this verse... " A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed." - Proverbs 11:25. 

My purpose for this post is to reach out to all my friends, family and even people i haven't met! my purpose isn't  solely to be your photographer. I want you to know you have someone that cares about you. So, if you have a need, a prayer request, or something you just need to talk through, i'm here. you can send me an email if you'd like, even if it's a question about the books i'm reading! I'd love to get together for a coffee date, hear good things going on in your life, encourage you with your photography or really just shut up and listen :) 

Devotions i found that i'm recently reading (at savers!) 


i hope to hear from you and will be praying for a wonderful week!