Girl, you're still bada**

You can feel it before it happens. Your eyes welling up, your heart aching. And here come the tears. There are times you have to hold them back, and then get in the car, or your bedroom and let the tears flow. The healing washes over you and although it might seem unproductive it can be some of the moments where you find yourself again. After your makeup has run down your cheeks and you settle down, reach for a book and a journal. It’s more than just venting, it’s therapeutic. It helps you dig deeper into the issue rather than the last straw that caused the break down. You start writing and suddenly grasp the real reason it hurts so much.

stay classy sassy and a little bit bad assy

That’s why I encourage journaling. Sometimes I feel I can’t take anymore and I start writing and all of the sudden it clicks, it heals, and it restores. I believe in lifting the burden by talking to friends, but there is something to say in the quiet moments. Where you spend most of your time. Just you and your thoughts. Get your thoughts out on paper. Write down why you’ve been struggling, why you are angry, and don’t forget to write down those quotes you swear you’ll remember. Things that you find makes you smile in the midst of the tears. Or in my case, the words that make me without trying go “hm!” out loud. Write them down. Then be still.

I don’t know how to explain it, but after I cry, read, and write down words that lift my heart, I feel like a badass again. Not the kind that is going to scare anyone..I still have mascara all over my face. But the kind that I know I’ll overcome it again, can breathe deeper, and remember the woman I know has been hiding behind the hurt. My heart feels like it’s conquered something and I feel a tiny bit of strength rise up in me.

You are a badass even if you cry, even though it’s a tough season (even if the tough season has been 3 years long.) and even if you cannot always find the strength. Call your best friend, write down your thoughts, wipe away your tears, and continue on. 

Girl, you’re still badass.

Keep Shining

Shanna Star


My 30th birthday in Destin Florida


One thing I truly wanted for my 30th birthday was you guessed it.. more photographs. With this year in a whirlwind I wouldn’t say I’m in the best shape I have been, or even feeling like my old crazy self but I knew it would be good for me. I was surprised with not only boudoir photos but friend photos for my birthday. And to top it off, I got my makeup done (which if you know me, I LOVE since I really don’t have much skill in that area)

These are a few favorites that Glenn took and his girlfriend Micki did the fabulous makeup on all the ladies. i’ll attach their Instagram handles at the end of this post, so go follow them! 

I'll also have another post of my favorites with all the ladies! 


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Until Spring comes again

Life, it never goes as planned. And as someone who tried to have it all planned out, I’m still learning to accept the changes in my life. I was feeling particularly overwhelmed the last few weeks. Feeling I can’t just catch a break, and feeling heart sink deeper. I felt so stressed I wasn’t doing the things that normally help me, so I made time for it. I went to the beach and read and cried. (not saying I always cry, but let’s be honest.. it helps sometimes)

C.S. Lewis quotes

As always old faithful, my favorite book Captivating refreshed my heart, it was a tiny bit of refreshing but needed. I came across a quote from C.S. Lewis. “If there is a real woman, even the trace of one still there inside the grumbling, it can be brought back to life again. If there’s one wee spark under all those ashes, we’ll blow it til the whole pile is red and clear.” I knew she was in there somewhere. Beneath the hurting heart, and exhausted soul. I knew who I was still existed but I had put her on hold throughout my hurts. And maybe like the winter is a time of quiet and deadening to old things,  I am the same. A time where I’ve remained hidden and dying of old hurts so that when Spring comes and I pray it comes soon is a time where I come alive again. To lift others up and see only good. I know that woman is in there, she needs only to come alive again. I’m working on it, daily and diligently. Venting out the old, reading and journaling, working on me but as I don’t see much progress day in and out, I’ve become slower and grew more tired. I will keep going, but at a pace where I can keep the stress and tears at bay until Spring comes again.

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Big Announcement! I'm moving to....

Florida!- There's been a lot of significant changes happy and sad but I'm excited to be moving to a place I fell in love with and almost moved to last year.

I'm still in the process of finding a place but I'll be between Destin and Panama City Beach. It's coming quick, because it's in the works for November. This time though I'll be staying put for the foreseeable future and calling it home. 

Along with a change of address, I started doing a little research in how to market my photography business in such a tourist location and I would LOVE all your help! i know not all of you can fly down to the beach for a session (though i highly recommend it, take a little vacation and photographs there too? sounds like the perfect plan!) but I am going to be offering a brand new type of service and i know you all share things constantly on Facebook and Instagram, so if you like the new blog posts coming, and could share it too, that could help me start off a new location with some fabulous new clients! If you DO help by sharing and i book someone because of you, there will be an incentive for you too!

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In case you're curious where Destin/PCB is located.. ya know for your very near future trips.. here's some help! Also, I still book several times a year in Minnesota and try for once a year in the other locations, so never hesitate to ask if you're unsure when I'll be in your city!

As much as I am excited, it's been an extremely tough couple of years, which is why for the past couple months I took off time from blogging, newsletters, and even reading. I hope you see more of your faces and if you want to know what service I'm SO excited to share... click here. 


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5 reasons Why you should hire a photographer for your bachelorette party!

What's one of the best surprise gifts you can give to your best friend for her bachelorette party in Destin or Panama City Beach? A professional photoshoot to capture the weekend orrr at least part of it ;)

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1- It's a huge trend right now to hire a photographer for your girls trip not only as a gift for the bride to be but also a way to showcase your weekend, so you can put your phone down and enjoy the moments. and still have it captured with fabulous photos. Don't worry you can still take those selfies, I'll understand ;) 

2-Everyone wants photos with your friends and since you’re all there and in party mode it’s the perfect time! 

3- It's a great way to celebrate with your girls!-On the beach, in your beach house, on a boat, or on the town dressed up!

4- A perfect gift for after the trip... surprise the bride with an album or framed photo! 

5-Memories are the best souvenir

Click the learn more button to see packages and pricing and email to book your bachelorette party photographer! 


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