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I was lucky enough to grow up with a mom that encouraged and believed in me, and from there I continue to cultivate my confidence daily with books, goals, creative space, and people who breathe kindness into me. 

After seeing how not only powerful it is to be confident, but how necessary it is, I want to give that to my clients. I’m a boudoir and love photographer. But looking around they come a dime a dozen. i may have 10 years experience and i know i’m solid at my passion behind the camera. i know how to encourage women during and help her see beauty she overlooks. But it’s more than that. i want to give you the tools to continue on with confidence and self love. our session may be a moment in time, one i know you’ll look back on and remember your confidence and beauty but i also want you to build on that yourself. i want to encourage reading books that motivate you, and change your perspective, start having a positive mindset on women and empowering the ones around you, to know how important it is to have women in your life to help you keep going when times are tough, and i want you to know i’m here even years later and you just need  a place to lean on and remind you once again how lovely and enough you really are.

Yes, i want you to love your photographs, but more than that, i want you to love yourself.  And i’m here giving tools to encourage your heart and even help you connect with women who are like you. 

Big dreams are in place over here to make it an even better experience for you. 


I see your light, Keep Shining

Shanna Star 


panama city beauty portraits on the beach

Panama City Beach Florida has only been my home for 9 months, but like I tell people I think I was always a beach girl, I just never lived by the beach until now. It's my place I feel refreshed, motivated, relaxed, and most at peace. When I want to feel inspired, and where I go to take some time alone. 

I'm extremely lucky to not only be able to consistently meet new strong women because of my profession like the one below!- but it helps me reflect on the strong women I most look up to. There was never even a thought that I couldn't own a business if I wanted to and be successful doing it. What I wanted and desired was always an option as long as I could work hard. I think this stems from my grandmother, Corrine who showed what a hard working successful woman looks like. she built several businesses herself and left one to her daughters to carry on. something I realized lately was how she didn't get stuck. when her passion changed, she changed. She stayed on top of needs and saw what could be successful in each place she moved. she was a strong, smart woman and I'm so thankful I was brought up to never doubt my abilities and what I could be as a woman. I read book after book how family often will be the ones who doubt your dreams as an entrepreneur but the women before were entrepreneurs and I think it led me more than I even know today. 

in the short time I had with Kat, her work ethic and determination shows. she's a beautiful and smart young woman and I look forward to seeing what she does in the future. Already so proud of how she's going after her dreams. Below is a few favorites from the session, and I'll also attach her link at the bottom so you can follow her on Instagram! 


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Keep Shining

Shanna Star

Self portraits- in studio and on the beach

"The most important day is the day you decide you're good enough for you. It's the day you set yourself free."

Something has been slowly changing for me over the last couple months. self love has increased, and I feel so good about me.  even more so with these self portraits, it just  clicked for me this weekend, more than it has for other self portraits. I saw them and liked almost every single one. (minus the ones me running to my spot, I always dork it up, those are just ridiculous) but I didn't have even the urge to photoshop my body, even my cyst in my armpit I've been so self conscious about I thought just looks like boob to anyone else so I didn't care. I have been preaching self love while I was myself continually working on it and I will continue to do so. While I've been learning my body and my mind, I have fallen in love with it within the past months. Don't get me wrong, PMS strikes my girl brain hard and for a day says I'm not worth it, but the next day I kick that stupid thought and go on loving who I am. 

Do I always look this put together? oh heck no and these photos aren't reflecting that I do, but I am capable of feeling like a  badass. I'll be in yoga pants rocking my high one-a-week-washed  hair bun most the time, and I couldn't do my makeup like this if I tried, so I'll stick to SPF moisturizer, and a little mascara and that's okay. It's not about changing who I am, it's about seeing myself as beautiful like we do all the other women. we are quick to think other women are perfect, but don't take the time to appreciate what the have to offer, and after these photos, I'm feeling great again. A little reminder of what I bring to the table and with the right tools, we can all ROCK IT even more. Although my unwashed hair bun, I kinda love.

 when's the last time you pampered yourself (because we all need it sometimes!) with something that wouldn't be quite so temporary? I've said for a while women will save up for what they value and get exactly what they want. But that purse you desperately want... you probably won't use after a few years time. Those nails although beautiful, will have to be filled again, and the shoes will be worn out. Investing in beauty isn't a bad thing, but what about something you can pass on or an art piece to hang in your home? Even after the experience is done, the photographs remain. I know even though it's my profession I haven't always felt worthy of sexy photos, because who am I to do so?- I'm not famous. Then I think about photographs of women I'd want in my home, the famous-to-me women. They're the ones I look up to and strive to be like. and I just keep thinking how I would LOVE to have images of my grandmother and mom to pass down, print, and show off. yeah even the "cheeky" ones I would print HUGE and hang in my home. in fact, anytime I can, I show off a hot pic of my mom when she was younger. is and was always a babe. 

So the next time you're feeling unworthy is maybe the exact time to step In front of the camera and have something to remember what a gorgeous strong fiery woman you are. Also how we survive posing in heels and roller-skates, cause it isn't easy! 


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Hair and makeup by Stacy Anderson, Follow her on Instagram and Facebook

Keep Shining and sometimes pamper yourself.

Shanna Star

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panama city beach bikini photoshoot

fun sexy bikini portraits on the beach with your best friend during a vacation?

heck yes, sign me up for a vacation like that! Although to be fair, I made all my friends always take photographs with me, regardless of location. ;)

I hear a lot of women talk about wanting a fun shoot but wanting to wait for a number of reasons. And to be honest it makes my heart ache since the number one reason is "when I lose some weight." In case you need a reminder, you are a badass, fabulous woman right now. We all have things about our body we love, and things we don't love quite as much. and I'm being honest with you, it's alllll angles and the outfits you choose. For me personally, I 90 percent can't wear rompers. I'm short with wide hips and a short torso. so instead of wanting to fit the mold to fit some style, I find what flatters my body, the same goes for angles behind the camera. Don't you worry about those angles, I got you. you just have to tell me what you LOVE so we can show it off, and we'll chat through some great outfit ideas too so you know what you're wearing already makes you feel good. 

And if you're wanting something sexy but maybe lingerie photos seems a bit daunting.. sexy photos on the beach might be perfect for you! we all wear swimsuits at the beach, so it's not showing anything more than you normally would (you don't have to wear a thong bikini like me.. though I highly recommend it!) The only difference is.. attitude. we show your fun and fiery personality on the gorgeous beaches of Panama City Beach.  

I loved this shoot with Mariella and Dani. We got some shots separately and together, and of course got to use the drone too! Here's a few of my favorites, and i hope it encourages you to try something new for you. because you need a boost of confidence. You want printed photographs. You're on vacation. you're ready to be brave. you have a cute new outfit or swimsuit. you deserve to feel beautiful. 

I'll drop mariella's and dani's social media below the last photo! don't forget to follow them! 

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Keep Shining

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Panama City Beach Fitness Photoshoot

Be Fearlessly Authentic.

Where do I even begin talking about our fabulous PCB fitness and boudoir photoshoot? This woman is fierce. she knows exactly who she is, what she wants, and isn't afraid to go after it. She is about to launch some amazing things, and I'm so proud of her already! she runs a nutrition company and kicks butt. Her nutrition company uses local vendors and works closely with the clients to give their body exactly what it needs to start healing. I agree with her completely how much a good diet (not saying don't have that burger.. but a good balance) can heal more than we even know. 

She brought some fun outfits for our beach shoot, and every one was perfect! I also can't wait to tell you about Stacy Alderson (makeup and hair extraordinaire) couldn't have done it without her, she helped the entire shoot and went way above what I expected, and I think all three of our sarcastic comments made for such a fun night together. You should definitely follow both of the fabulous women I had the opportunity of working with, I'll leave their social media links below the last photo! can't wait till I can work with them again! 

here's a few faves ;) 

" May my heart be brave, my mind fierce, and my spirit free."

Panama City beach boudoir
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Ladies, a gentle reminder about boudoir and beach photos. yes this woman is absolutely stunning, there's no denying it. But I believe EVERY woman is beautiful, with her story, and who she is to her core. So if you're not sure if you should get the session, I encourage you to try it out. I'm there to make you feel great and show off the assets you love and hopefully with a lot of laughter, maybe some tears, and heart to heart- just heal some small parts and see you as the fabulous woman you are. 


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Keep Shining

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